Nanjing Emergency Center for the National Day holiday 1900 times an increase of 15%– people

Nanjing emergency center 1900   National Day holiday car; an increase of 15%– Jiangsu windows — original title: Emergency Center 1900 National Day holiday holiday trip, because of the holiday travel, visiting relatives and other activities increased, emergency events increased significantly than usual. City Emergency Center yesterday released statistics show that as of 4 p.m. yesterday, the national day 7 days long holiday, answered nearly 8000 kinds of telephone, 1900 times more than the car, an increase of about 15%, traffic accident falls patients accounted for about 30%. More than 8 in the evening of October 2nd, a car accident occurred near the city water Gang Gang, resulting in a middle-aged lady hip fracture, the emergency ambulance rushed to the provincial people’s Hospital for treatment. October 4th noon, Gulou District Qingshi village near a citizen riding a battery car crash, resulting in wrist fractures, emergency personnel rushed to the scene after checking fixed, was rushed to the central hospital to continue treatment. "This year’s national day rainfall more, to the public’s travel safety has brought a lot of hidden trouble."." City emergency center responsible person, the center received a total of 7 kinds of falls, car accidents up to more than 500 cases, accounting for 26% of the total number of trips. During the long vacation, visiting relatives and friends and gathering friends became the main arrangement of many people. Many people were rushed to hospital because of excessive drinking. 6 evening, a hotel near the Yin Street, Mr. Zhang from the field to Nanjing to visit friends especially excited about a cup after a drink with friends to drink, drank more than a pound, around 10 pm, he suddenly fell to the ground, become unconscious. First aid doctor rushed to the scene, found that Wang fell to the ground because of severe alcoholism, related emergency treatment after being rushed to the central hospital for treatment. During the national day, a total of more than 130 cases of alcoholism were received, of which many were severe alcoholism." The city emergency center emergency station emergency doctor He Jianjun told reporters, several drunken treatment are down in the roadside passers-by were found, some patients with other disorders caused by alcoholism, life on the verge of death or destruction. (Gu Xiaoping) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Tang Lu) 南京急救中心国庆假期出车1900次 同比增加15%–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:市急救中心 假期出车1900次   国庆长假,由于节日期间市民外出旅游、探亲等活动增多,急救事件较平时大幅上升。市急救中心昨天发布的统计数据显示,截止到昨天下午4点,国庆7天长假共接听各类电话近8000个,出车1900多次,同比增加约15%,车祸摔伤病人占比约三成。   10月2日晚8点多,市区水佐岗附近发生一起车祸,造成一中年女士髋关节骨折,被紧急赶来的急救车送往省人民医院救治。10月4日中午,鼓楼区青石村附近一市民骑电瓶车摔伤,造成手腕部骨折,急救人员赶到现场检查固定后,被紧急送往中大医院继续治疗。“今年国庆节期间雨水较多,给市民的出行安全带来了不小的隐患。”市急救中心相关负责人介绍,该中心7天内共接到各类摔伤、车祸高达500多例,占总出车数的26%。   长假期间,探亲访友、朋友聚会成了很多人的主要安排,不少人由于饮酒过量,被紧急送往医院抢救。6日晚上,成贤街附近一家酒店内,从外地来南京探望朋友的张先生特别兴奋,一杯接着一杯跟朋友们喝酒,共喝了一斤多,晚上10时左右,他突然栽倒在地,不省人事。急救医生赶到现场时,发现王先生倒地是因为重度酒精中毒,进行相关的急救处理后被紧急送往中大医院救治。“国庆期间共接到酒精中毒病人130多例,其中不少是重度酒精中毒。”市急救中心城中急救站急救医生何建军告诉记者,救治的好几起醉酒者都是倒在路边被路人所发现,有的患者因酒精中毒引发其他病症,生命危在旦夕。(顾小萍) (责编:黄竹岩、唐璐)相关的主题文章: