Nantong, a dispute between the villagers and village cadres after the death of suspects detained (vi

Nantong villagers and village cadres dispute after death suspect was detained on the afternoon of 22, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province South Street zhangbali village 11 group a villager surnamed she died after a dispute with the village cadres, caused the attention online. 23 evening, local police responded that 3 suspects in connection with the death she has been detained, the specific case is under further investigation. 23 afternoon, reporters in the interview, she is a village, the villagers told reporters that she was worried because the house in front of the new building lighting and weather the impact of their own, to the village objections, hoping to move elsewhere or housing project location shift south. According to witnesses, the villagers said that before the incident, she Mouceng will be the 90 year old mother sent to the village committee, asked the Committee on behalf of the care, she then left. On the morning of 22 11:00 and 4 village cadres will she is a mother sent home, she is a dispute, between the village cadres and soon after, the hospital ambulance drove to the village doctor, and she subsequently police entered the home, the villagers learned that she had died. According to the Rugao police, the day of the incident around 13:00, police received a death she at home after the alarm, expand the site survey and investigation, then quickly, 3 suspects were criminal detention according to law. The video has nothing to do with the original text of the school to apply for school grants village cadres said no demolition will not sign相关的主题文章: