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" network pimps of hundreds of " " remote control; slip female " two women were arrested Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter Zhong Hua   correspondent Zhang Jianqi) recently, the Liuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment brigade and the Yufeng Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Pegasus joint action, cracked using WeChat prostitution case. The use of network organizations to introduce prostitution two pornographic media, are under the age of 30 young women. In their flag, gathered hundreds of slip girls". The sex trade behind the micro signal at the beginning of August this year, the public security police detachment police according to the masses clues in a hotel in Liuzhou City Bayi Road room, arrested in the ongoing sex trade slip girls Liu and Huang whoremaster. Further investigation found that police investigators, Liu and Hwang of the sex trade, is achieved through the introduction of two micro signal. Micro signal "AA Kudo" to Hwang sent slip girls photos, and introduces its age, height, measurements and quotation. Hwang determined to carry out the transaction, another micro signal "new baby" to Liu sent this work. Liu and Hwang said that the operation of these two micro signal is what they have not seen. According to Liu, Huang’s confession, the police immediately launched an investigation of "AA Kudo" and "the new baby" two micro signal. There are hundreds of slip girls after nearly two months of unremitting pursue, police mastered the organizational structure of this network of prostitution gang. Master of the two micro signal, is less than 30 years of age of young women, who are at the age of 28, and a certain number of years old, Hemou, who is at the age of two. They use WeChat, doing the online media activities. Micro signal AA, Kudo "is mainly used in WeChat promotion, to attract clients, and provide" slip female "photos, basic information and quotation. After the "customer" agreed, "AA Kudo" will be given to the "new baby" information feedback, and then by the "new baby" arranged "falling girl" to the designated place to provide sexual services, and afterwards to charge a fixed fee. The police investigation found that regular contact with "AA" Kudo "clients" have more than and 300, "the new baby’s slip girls more than and 100 people. In October 15th, the public security police detachment brigade Joint Criminal Investigation Brigade Pegasus launched action to close the net. From 6 pm the same day to the next day at 2 pm, a number of hotel rooms in Guangxi Avenue, police were in Bayi, captured by "AA Kudo" and "new baby" introduced 12 men’s sex trade. October 16th at 2 pm, suspected of organizing prostitution Weimou and Hemou, also in a snack stalls, the boat was arrested by the police. January cash fee of nearly 200 thousand yuan Weimou and arrested after Hemou, truthfully confessed to the police they use WeChat introduced prostitution offenses. In the Wei, where two use mobile phone, the police see AA Kudo "micro signal every day in the circle of friends to push" today "today’s new flagship" flagship boutique "and" slip female "information. Two suspects admitted that only push information.相关的主题文章: