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.puters-and-Technology Globalization and technological enhancements since a decade has left deep impact on the marketing strategies used by enterprises across B2B and B2C markets. With the .petitive business environment demanding enterprises to work on strategies that can ensure business growth and profitable revenue margins, enterprises need to optimize their marketing strategies so as to bring in increased lead generation. However, today with most of the B2B and B2C markets operating in a technology enabled and networked environment, every business strives to generate quality leads through their online presence. Enterprises make use of a broad array of tactics to generate leads. Since leads in the B2B markets are used for list building, e-newsletter and building a large customer base, the enterprises make use of methods such as direct marketing, trade shows, relationship marketing and customer referrals. However, to sustain through the aggressively .petitive environment, the B2B Lead generation tactics need to be different from the ones used for the B2C markets and these include email marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, tele-prospecting and direct mails besides print advertising. Nevertheless, the changing B2B lead generation landscape relies heavily on the digital marketing as today’s enterprises need a cost-effective, measurable and scalable methods that will enable them to target a broader market. Lead generation being vital for the lead management process, enterprises continue with lead generation techniques in-house. But as the enterprises tend to expand globally, the lead generation activities are being outsourced to third party providers and experts in the field enabling them to focus on core business issues and .petencies. With lead generation resulting in an increase in revenues from $1,322 billion dollars in 2010 to $1,522 billion dollars in 2011 this is considered a very evolving market and is used across every industrial sector. The leading service providers offer their clients best-of-breed solutions that will help them build up a robust sales pipeline of qualified leads and develop new business prospects. Further, the B2B lead generation process enables the global enterprises to select pricing, geographical location and products to be offered thus facilitating them to control the number of leads towards a cost-effective and budgeted marketing. The modern B2B markets therefore are moving away from the traditional to a more techno-savvy methods wherein they .bine the new age marketing strategies with the right technology that will allow them a strong return on investment while driving in revenue. These B2B marketers make use of every available and technology enabled channels from SEO, to paid search, social media and .working channels to augment their leads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: