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Games Personal .puters, also known as PCs, are attracting more gamers than ever before. In an ever changing world with ever changing interests, anyone can see the difficulty in choosing the ultimate new pc games that are just right for you. Here we will talk about some of the wonderful games available today that will get those gaming juices flowing whether you are a shooter fan or love to build your own gaming world. If you are looking for an action packed shooter game with little focus on story and more focus on game play, then Team Fortress 2 is right for you. Team Fortress 2 pits players in a number of scenarios from Team Deathmatch to Capture the Objective in enclosed but well designed arenas. You are given a great number of weapons and wacky gadgets to dispose of your enemies with different class types. These classes also offer new and unique ways to bring on the pain to your enemies. The game is also free to play and free to download with a paying option available to those who want a little more power to their matches. If exploring a vast world and doing things how you see fit is your cup of tea, then the newly released Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might be the perfect fit. This new PC game is jam packed with things to do. Right from the start you customize your in game character to your liking with a variety of options. Immediately following the tutorial you can choose to go your own way in a massive fantasy world and explore, build weapons and armour, go for quests or simply go catch some fish in the beautiful rapids. If magic is your fancy, you can play a magician or you can go all out brutal with a warrior brute. The choices in this RPG title are endless. Did we forget to mention you can fight dragons in massive one on one battles? Now if you are still having a hard decision to make on many great new PC games for you and wish to really get your hands dirty, maybe the new Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will give you the blood stained action you crave. It is the final chapter in the "Ezio Trilogy," started by Assassin’s Creed 2, but even if you haven’t played the other titles the game does a decent job of filling you in. You play as master assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze traveling through Constantinople to find artifacts that will stop the evil Templars from destroying our current world. You use many awesome gadgets such as a hidden wrist blade, bombs and poison darts to be.e a harbringer of justice against your enemies in this bloody satisfying action adventure game. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: