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Vacation-Rentals The Indian Ocean island nation of the Maldives has launched a new tourism logo and slogan that reflects the countrys outstanding natural environment. Maldives – Always Natural has replaced the previous slogan, Maldives – the Sunny Side of Life, which ran for 11 years. The new slogan and logo represent the countrys natural beauty such as white sand beaches, lush green rainforests and turquoise ocean waters, all of which entice thousands of tourists to take Maldives holidays every year. Chairperson of the Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), Thoyyib Mohamed, explained: The slogan and logo are designed to underscore the outstanding natural beauty of the Maldives, which tourists from all segments of the market consistently rate as one of their main reasons for visiting the country. The environmental theme of the logo and slogan supports the Maldives fishing industry, which is the nations second biggest industry after tourism. An open tender was launched by the MMPRC, enabling private .panies to research, design and create a new tourism logo and slogan. The tender was won by QUO KEEN of Bangkok and London and following several meetings with tourism industry stakeholders, the final design and wording was approved at a cabinet meeting chaired by President Nasheed. Simon Hawkins, Managing Director of the MMPRC, said: The previous slogan was over 11 years old and we believe the new slogan and logo better represents the Maldives of today, as well as tomorrow. CEO of QUO KEEN, David Keen, said: We have created a brand that stands for the Maldivian people, for tourism and for all of industry. The slogan Always Natural talks to the people of the Maldives, to sustainability and to the ultimate tourism experience. The logo has been hand-crafted to define the natural elements of the country formed in a thumb print. One of the main reasons why tourists choose Maldives holidays is because of its stunning landscapes and tranquil surroundings. Situated in the Indian Ocean the Maldives is an archipelago spanning nearly 1,200 beautiful coral islands, of which 200 are inhabited. The islands boasts luxury Maldives hotels with upscale ac.modation and facilities including spas and gourmet restaurants, plus plenty of activities for tourists taking holidays to the Maldives including snorkelling, scuba diving, boat excursions, hiking through tropical forests and relaxing on unspoiled white sand palm-fringed beaches. Hawkins added: The MMPRC is delighted with the end result and we look forward to proudly .municating the new brand to the world. About the Author: By: Tenzin Rai – Trekking is a .mon activity in a host of tourist spots, especially due the Westerners fascination to have a close tryst with nature. If you are really game for a unique trekking experience, the tiny but picturesque country of … By: James Pattinson – As a standout amongst the most lovely nations on the planet Italy offers a perpetual cluster of history, society, craftsmanship, vineyards, field and shorelines. By: sinuse – This is all for those travelers who need Timeshare ac.modations and rentals offer’s that Aberfoyle Holidays’ offers for you. So you have to know about us in details. By: Travoline – To strengthen its existing portfolio and to catch up with latest travel trends, Travoline adds more hotels and car rental choices providing instant confirmation on reservations made online for its customers globally, even when book … By: John Samual – There are a few cities in the world which do not sleep at all and one of them is the English capital. Even when the majority of the inhabitants take out time to grab some rest, the city of London continues to buzz. By: Tenzin Rai – Off the beaten track, nestled among the lofty and majestic range of the Himalayas, the country of Bhutan is mystical, abounding with natural beauty and overall a sacred land for the native. By: aman prakash – Why to waste a large amount of your money in buying furniture, when you can easily rent? Yes, you can now save your money, efforts and time by renting furniture for your home. This is a good idea because it offers a long list of be … By: John Steffen – If youre planning to move to Delhi for a short stay or some business purpose, renting furnished ac.modation is undoubtedly the best option you can have. Moving all your furniture or buying everything new will make no sense and … By: Istemihan Teleri – Ephesus, called Efes in Turkish, is a grand open air museum site in the tourist centric Aegean Turkey. Among the best places to visit in Turkey, Ephesus is now a remnant of a Greco Roman city that once thrived several centuries bac … By: Adnan Nayeem – Wheelstreet the Bangalore based online bike rentals aggregator, has started operations in Bangalore this week. It is the brain child of three childhood friends from Jhansi. Pranay Shrivastava, Moksha Shrivastava and Mritunjay Kumar … 相关的主题文章: