Next door company today released cheap adorable rot laugh over lovers

"Next door" company today released "cheap adorable rot" laugh "the couple next door next door" company "poster company" stills "next door" stills company Tencent entertainment news by "Wonder Woman" Gail · gadot and "mad men" Joe · starring "big neighbor Ham Company" in mainland Chinese today will be fully released. This film is known as "the new Smith couple, in November many Hollywood blockbusters, with its high color value hotties actor, Madden action scenes, easily won a couple of jokes favored the audience, is the most suitable extracting film lovers in November. Many viewers believe that the film cheap, MOE, rot, people from the heart to laugh to the end, especially inside the two heroines, is entirely new CP, rot to burst. Critic Zhan Taifeng said: "the mysterious agent has just found the personal independence of conduct, so stay, stupid neighbor, near the appearance of fantastic encounter such a funny and thrilling story, car chases, shooting, jumping, fighting scenes and playing sell adorable meet the eye everywhere, stay foolish is the debut one after another, the comedy and suspense with enough shaking a war, it is worth watching." The media also gain a lot of praise, a reporter said: "" the newsroom "director Greg Mottola · comedy style get a splendid unfold in this spy films, an ordinary couple suddenly found the neighbor was a secret agent, and then roll into a terrible crisis, sudden a lot of jokes. At present the most popular "Wonder Woman" Gail · gadot is the most popular actor, her long legs very suction eye, in her underwear and sexy shot, full army. She was still in the extraordinary skill, is worth looking forward to the audience." 1 things: the most sexy spy movie "Wonder Woman" underwear dew devil figure Gail · gadot is Israeli actress, model, was elected in 2004 Israel miss, after "4" speed and passion in Gisele, entered the movies. 2016 starred in "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice" in the "Wonder Woman" popularity soared. Gail · gadot has the enviable hardbodies, especially a double suction eye of numerous big legs. Her appearance is Natalie · Portman, Kayla · Knightley Qingli, and Kelly Taylor, · sensitive card; · Swift sweet, and Candice · Siwannei Bohr’s charm, many boys in "sexy goddess". In the "next door" in the company, she played a domineering female agents, a wearing black lace underwear show to "spray nosebleed" good figure. Had served in the army for her to show his good skill, she said, making this agent play particularly enjoyable, there are many dazzling action scenes in the movie, racing games also let her very excited. In the face of the audience for her sexy and beautiful praise, Gail · gadot but said he did not want to do "vase", and.相关的主题文章: