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No deposit and low wage "housing slave + child’s slave family how to accumulate wealth this article reprinted from: one is typical of Mr. melting off Joe white-collar family, the couple a month removed five social insurance and one housing fund and personal income tax, net income of 12 thousand yuan. The couple had a daughter, now on the shift, you need to cost 2000 yuan per month. Family living expenses, the daily cost of water, electricity, gas, communications and other charges in general about 1000 yuan, the daily cost of about $2000. In addition, the monthly repayment of 6000 yuan of mortgage, Mr. Joe home every month there is no balance, it is difficult to accumulate more wealth. According to Mr. Joe’s current income and expenditure, that simply can not save money, income of 12000, the monthly expenditure of up to 11 thousand, the balance of only $1000, less pitiful. In order to accumulate more wealth, income must be far greater than expenditure. But Mr. Joe monthly is a monthly household expenditure, daily life must be spending 5000 yuan per month to 6000 yuan; two mortgage, the monthly household expenditure is rigid, there is no much space saving. Well, Mr. Joe has to start building wealth from the open source. Mr. Joe home no deposit, two no balance for many months, then the family how to open source? In this regard, Jiafeng financial planner Reed gave the following suggestions: 1, the accumulation of wealth, career promotion and salary raise must begin in the workplace. In general, each company’s employees every year about 5% of the rate of increase, then by 2016, when the couple’s weekly income is expected to have a monthly income of $600, 1 years will be more than $60 thousand in revenue. If household spending does not increase, so Mr. Joe had some savings. Then with the increase in income every year, Mr. Joe’s wealth will gradually increase. Income in order to increase faster, depending on their ability to promote, or choose to quit, income will have a greater improvement, the family can accumulate more wealth. 2, investment: flexible investment, the use of some idle funds to invest money begets money". However, Mr. Joe currently no deposit, also cannot carry a large amount of the financial investment advice, small funds can choose 100 yuan to finance platform, income is also higher than the current bank more money can Many a little make a mickle. Only a property in the hands of Reed, Jiafeng financial planner suggested flexible, can be their own house rental, rent and low price of the house, pocketing the difference, also can earn an extra income. But there are inconveniences, the living environment may not be very good, reducing the quality of life, or go out to work in the traffic is not convenient, so these problems should be considered in the rental. However, from the analysis of the current situation, Reed Jiafeng financial planner that Mr. Joe home to accumulate more wealth, currently only through this way the most reliable income increase in the workplace, can accumulate more wealth, solve the dilemma.相关的主题文章: