Nomura Outlook nonfarm payrolls increased by 185 thousand in January-音羽かなで

Nomura: prospective January non farm employment is expected to increase 185 thousand in February 5th — Nomura global foreign exchange (Nomura) on Friday (February 5th) on Friday payrolls report released forward-looking report said that this year the first half of January the temperature warmer than in previous years, and the influence of the Northeast snowstorm occurred after the Department of labor payrolls report and investigation stage, not so likely to produce non farm payrolls data for January. The agency further said that the December payrolls report strong performance, the employment growth of nearly 300 thousand people, the unemployment rate is still maintained at a low of 5%. The latest labor market data for January showed that the employment growth rate was close to the usual trend level. The agency also said that the above factors are taken into account, the private sector is expected in January non farm payrolls increased 180 thousand (expected median), government departments are expected to rise by 5000, suggesting that the overall employment will increase at 185 thousand (expected a median increase of 190 thousand). The agency said last month is expected to manufacturing jobs is expected to reduce the 5000 (the market expected value of 2000 reduction), the unemployment rate fell slightly to 0.1 percentage points, to 4.9% (the market expected value of 5%), by region manufacturing industry survey report shows that January manufacturing activity remains weak. At the same time, the average hourly wage rate in January is expected to increase by 0.31% (the expected market value is 0.3%), with an annual rate of 2.25%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

野村证券前瞻:1月非农就业料增18.5万   环球外汇2月5日讯–野村证券(Nomura)周五(2月5日)就周五非农报告发布前瞻报告表示,今年1月份上半月的温度较往年更加暖和,且影响东北部地区的暴风雪发生在劳工部非农报告调查期之后,因此不太可能对1月的非农数据产生影响。      该机构进一步表示,12月非农报告表现强劲,当月就业岗位增幅接近30万人,失业率依然维持在5%的低位。最新公布的1月份劳动力市场数据表明当月就业增速接近通常的趋势水准。   该机构同时表示,将上述因素考虑在内,预计1月私营部门非农就业岗位增加18万(符合市场预期中值),政府部门料增加5000,暗示整体非农就业增幅将位于18.5万(市场预期中值为增加19万)。   该机构最后表示,预计当月制造业岗位料减少5000(市场预期中值为减少2000),失业率小幅下滑0.1个百分点,至4.9%(市场预期中值为5.0%),因地区制造业调查报告表明1月制造业活动依然疲软。同时预计,1月平均小时薪资月率料增长0.31%(市场预期中值为增长0.3%),年率料攀升2.25%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: