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Business Within five years, carbon and energy management software will be the backbone of corporations worldwide. Forrester Research says that 83% of IT professionals worldwide has no plans yet of initiating carbon management systems in their corporations. As society insists that the business world becomes more accountable for its energy use and consequent carbon emissions, organizations will need to transition from an ad hoc approach to the collection and dissemination of information, to an integrated and visible policy-based position, fundamental to the core of the organization itself. Change in paradigm requires enterprise adoption of carbon and energy management systems, which can be just like the Sustainability Resource Planning suite of products by Verisae. While certain types of industry may be more aware of such a regimented approach to the issue of energy management and carbon emissions, including oil and gas, utilities and process manufacturers, other brands and certain areas of the public sector are becoming more visible as they adopt the concept. In other words, being visible and adopting a carbon footprint is considered ‘good PR’. Forward thinking companies are investing in enterprise energy and carbon management systems voluntarily. Within the public sector, executive mandates are beginning to enforce compliance, as witnessed by the recent order (EO 13514) signed by Pres. Obama covering federal agency sustainability. We have seen evidence of government intervention in climate related matters, perhaps most notably so in the United Kingdom, where the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme will soon force large energy consumers and emitters to trade carbon as a commodity. These organizations must adopt enterprise carbon and energy management systems so they become fully aware of their defined carbon inventories, asset performance characteristics and before they are able to trade with any certainty. Failure to perform or understand one’s corporate position could lead to being in a competitive disadvantage, risking paying heavy fines and reduced reputation. Advance of any such legislation in the United States, organizations that are innovative, wish to lead by example and carve out a positive reputation should consider enterprise carbon and energy management systems immediately. To avoid ‘greenwashing’, corporations must be cautious as it is in essence an accusation of a corporation’s jump onto a PR bandwagon. A comprehensive and well planned energy management solution, emissions reporting and asset management would be necessary in achieving targets for corporate sustainability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: