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Our children’s drug adverse reaction rate is 2 times the adult children should use children’s medicine "survey of children’s medication safety in 2016 white paper" released in Beijing on 13 May, the white paper data show that China’s children’s drug adverse reaction rate is 2 times that of adults, children’s medication safety still need to be further strengthened. In the first child safety drug use communication and development conference organized by the national health and Family Planning Commission propaganda and education center, the South China Institute of pharmaceutical economics issued by the State Administration of food and Drug Administration issued the 2016 white paper on child drug safety investigation. The white paper points out that the population base of Chinese children is large, accounting for nearly 17% of the total population, but less than 2% of the children’s exclusive drugs, and the pediatrician has a large gap. According to the national adverse drug reaction monitoring report, the adverse drug reaction rate of children is 2 times of that of adults. For children with various organs and immune system development, the adverse reactions and toxic side effects of drugs can not be ignored. To solve this problem, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Lianda Chinese that crack children’s medicine predicament, need more child specific medicines, need government, science, production and research "linkage, for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and research institutions to form more benign development interaction mechanism, as a positive, mutual supplement, take the initiative to play. Zhang Feng, deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission, said that children’s medication security work is a complex system engineering, involving a large number of services, many fields, long chain. Therefore, in addition to the government departments to continue to do a good job in overall planning and design, improve laws and regulations, improve the security system, but also need common efforts from all walks of life. Medical institutions and medical personnel to improve pediatric medication and clinical diagnosis and treatment services; drug R & D and production enterprises to continuously enhance the sense of social responsibility, increase children’s drug R & D and production investment, produce more and better and cost-effective drugs for children and related technology products; the public should also set up the good children drug habits and ideas, improve children’s medication safety awareness and level.

我国儿童药物不良反应率是成人2倍 儿童就该用儿童药   《2016年儿童用药安全调查报告白皮书》13日在京发布,白皮书数据显示,我国儿童药物不良反应率是成人的2倍,儿童用药安全仍需进一步加强。   在由国家卫生计生委宣教中心主办的首届儿童安全用药传播与发展大会上,国家食品药品监管总局南方医药经济研究所发布了《2016年儿童用药安全调查报告白皮书》。白皮书指出,我国儿童人口基数庞大,占人口总量近17%,但儿童专属药品却不足2%,儿科医生缺口较大。根据国家药品不良反应监测报告显示,儿童服药不良反应率是成人的2倍,对于各种器官、免疫系统发育尚未完善的孩子们,药物的不良反应和毒副作用的伤害,不容忽视。   针对这一问题,中国工程院院士李连达认为,破解儿童药困境,需要更多儿童专属药品,需要“政、学、产、研”联动,让有更多的药企、医院与科研机构形成良性的研发互动机制,积极作为、相互补位、主动担当。   国家卫生计生委药政司副司长张锋表示,儿童的用药保障工作是一项复杂的系统工程,涉及服务的人口众多,领域多、链条长。所以,除了政府部门要继续做好总体规划设计,健全法规,完善保障制度之外,更需要社会各界共同的努力。医疗卫生机构和医务人员要不断提升儿科用药和临床的诊疗服务水平;药品研发生产企业要不断增强社会责任感,加大儿童用药的研发和生产投入力度,生产出更多、更好、性价比高的儿童药品和相关的技术产品;社会公众也要树立良好的儿童用药习惯和观念,提高儿童用药的安全意识和水平。相关的主题文章: