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The writer is not only the role of intermediary agent, and [Abstract] literary agent or broker is bigger, they are not only the Copyright Intermediary business as a writer, but also play a think-tank, united with the lubrication function in the process of copyright cooperation. "In the film and television circles, every month will feel that last month’s own fool." Network writer Tang Jiasan had said. "IP hot" makes writers more contact with the capital, the core of the conversation can not be separated from the "full copyright development". From the publication, film and television works to the derivative game, around the hands of the writer IP content resources, realized in the form of retrofit, at the same time, the writer also faces a more complex environment for business cooperation. Mystery novelist Yan Zhiyang admitted to the "Oriental Outlook", his biggest headache is the business negotiation, all these things he gave to his agent Liang Shuang. More and more writers broker or brokerage agencies, they are not only the Copyright Intermediary business as a writer, but also play a think-tank, united with the lubrication function in the process of copyright cooperation. Liang Shuang to the Oriental Outlook Weekly, said: let professional people to do professional things, the effect of copyright development in order to maximize." The market demand and industry boost, in China once long to call to the writer brokerage industry, has finally started the trend. (source network) to call long if there is no broker Christopher · Ritter’s operation, "Harry Potter" author JK· · Rowling; it is difficult to single handedly make the bespectacled boy wizard swept the world. In Europe and the United States, the author of the broker is not a new career, there are 80% of the public library by the agent of copyright agents. These brokers excavate potential writers, writers and publishing bargainning, signed a publishing contract for the writer, as a writer for a more lasting impact and higher wages. In China, the writer’s broker system can not be called for a long time. For a long time, the relationship between the writer and the publisher depends on the interpersonal communication between the writer and the publisher. Since the beginning of 2012, there have been calls from the industry, China should also have a writer broker system, but the writer has different attitudes towards it. In 2006 Cai Jun, a writer, had asked brokers to help select the publisher’s ideas, while Mr Wang Anyi was sceptical about the need for brokers. China contemporary literature of the new media literature committee secretary general Wu Changqing on the "Oriental Outlook" said: "the writers association can help writers obtain copyright agency resources and rising channel, in the past, this let many writers think that broker system is not essential." From the view of concept, many writers pay more attention to the professional literary criticism system for works of judgment, not agree from the market profit space to judge the value of works, and works to the broker, the equivalent of the works to the market test. In addition, the China book pricing is generally low, in addition to a popular writer, only by royalty, few people can afford to pay the broker fee. In accordance with the practice of the international publishing market, the author of the agent in the process of copyright agency will charge 10%~15% agency fees. "After the writer royalties is a few million yuan, according to this)相关的主题文章:

A Shenyang woman cheat daughter for her boyfriend their sexual play mobile phone to endure (video) tw.battle.net

A Shenyang woman cheat daughter for her boyfriend their sexual play mobile phone to bear children frequent cases of sexual assault who do their guardian angel Shenyang a second girl was raped mother’s boyfriend of three years, in the body and mind tortured on the occasion, the less than 14 year old girl has chosen to forbear. It is fantastic, the mother every time is to want to deceive her daughter "in the name, to the rental housing for her sexual assault. Seeing her daughter was raped, her mother lying on the side of the phone to play, but also to persuade her daughter". To three years later, tortured girl finally broke the silence, the father and the students with the help of brave police. And she was the mother of her boyfriend’s SMS threat: "do not go to close the case, put your nude online." The day before, the rape case verdict Yuhong District People’s court in Shenyang City, the mother and her boyfriend were found guilty of rape, sentenced to ten years imprisonment, were sentenced to fourteen years. The mother watched silent boyfriend raped daughter "daughter, mother like you! Come to my house in the evening, my mother will cook delicious food for you." One day in September 2012, just the second Shenyang girl Wang Xiaoli (a pseudonym) received a telephone his mother, she was very happy, because her parents divorced, she has been living with his father, because the mother also found a boyfriend, and her mother was not often met. But Wang Xiaoli did not expect, this time to go to the mother’s home, was actually the beginning of a nightmare. Wang Xiaoli’s mother Du Mou was 35 years old, living with 39 year old boyfriend Hwang in Shenyang City Yuhong District a cottage rental. Wang Xiaoli recalled: "my mother gave me a bottle of water that night, I drank some of the difficulties, they sleep……" Turn off the lights to sleep, mother’s boyfriend Huang changed countenance, he suddenly rushed to Wang Xiaoli, raped her. Wang Xiaoli woke up, she cries in fear mother Du Mou for help, "but my mother open eyes I was speechless, after Hwang raped me, she took me to wash……" On the second day, her mother to buy Wang Xiaoli contraceptives, advised her to eat. Wang Xiaoli was still suffering from the shock, Dumou again went out and found a car and took her back to her father’s house. My father is going to cut his daughter lying "didn’t see Wang Xiaoli’s father clearly remember that in 2012 September one morning, he was still in bed, Wang Xiaoli suddenly from her mother’s back. As soon as he entered the room, Wang Xiaoli cried and said to him, "Dad, I came back from my mother, and he touched me." My father heard that her daughter was being bullied, instant rage, "I’ll take the knife to cut huang." Wang Xiaoli rushed out of fear, because fear and father Huang fight, she immediately stopped the father, and with his father lying: "Dad, he actually didn’t see me." "He really didn’t see you?" Wang Xiaoli said no, wronged hold back the tears. Father and daughter if he seriously remind half believe and half doubt, her daughter: "don’t fuck you that!" About a week later, the mother Du contact Wang Xiaoli: daughter, mom miss you. Today, I pick you up to me, you rest assured that Huang is not at home." Subsequently, Wang Xiaoli went to her mother’s home, this time she is not to think about her mother, but would like to ask the mother face to face with the truth: why can you look at me being bullied"相关的主题文章:

Ma Xiansheng box store has opened a cash point of subsequent events www.51zxw.net

Ma Xiansheng box store has been opened: follow-up events cash box "Ma Xiansheng supermarket rejected RMB cash" discrimination "cash consumption?" On October 28th, the concept of news published consumers reflect the box Zhang Yang road Pudong bridge horse Xiansheng supermarket shop accepts only Alipay, reject RMB cash complaints and reporter survey, has aroused strong repercussions in the community. The box horse Xiansheng supermarket said, the cashier will be improved as soon as possible, the convenience of consumers. In November 3rd, the reporter went to the supermarket in Pudong Xiansheng box horse Zhang Yang road bridge shop again, I saw the supermarket has opened RMB checkout, consumers use the RMB cash payment has been shopping without any obstacles. Nearly 10 in the morning, the reporter in the Golden Bridge International Commercial Plaza, the ground floor of the 1 floor to see, the store is still crowded in the house of 1. In the part of the cashier, although customers lined up, but orderly. Jinqiao Rui garden of Mr. Huang phone forgotten at home, he bought 3 packs of dumplings and other frozen food, in front of reporters, he pulled out a piece of 6 yuan notes, successfully paid the money. Cashier marked in the valet cash checkout point, the reporter also bought a box of milk with a smooth cash. The supermarket manager told reporters, including the Daning shop, two box horse Xiansheng supermarket in the city has been existing since November 1st, launched a comprehensive RMB cash payment service. RMB cash consumption has been in the "box horse Xiansheng" supermarket can run in both directions unblockedly.   the reporter was informed that the box horse Xiansheng supermarket in addition to further strengthen the cashier training, through additional store employees to provide service for the consumer payment difficulties encountered. The weather is cold, in order to allow the elderly and other special groups surrounding homes can smooth shopping, technical staff Xiansheng box horse named "Internet supermarket bee", recently walked into the surrounding community. Through the establishment of the community Internet service stations, to the elderly who are not familiar with the Internet shopping and other groups of universal electronic payment and online shopping. As long as consumers of light by mobile phone or keyboard, box horse Xiansheng supermarkets in 5 kilometers around the range within half an hour, to achieve delivery, let the Internet to bring more convenient around the daily life of the people. Hot news: Shanghai District 5 and 8 appointed deputy mayor of which 6 people after 70 Shanghai will build 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery Hongqiao airport aircraft collision insurance was 3 million yuan reward. When Captain Shanghai’s show canteen boss wages 1 million 600 thousand run away jailed for 1 years 10 months, Shanghai building was demolished by the night cake refers to the destruction of the Bund the overall style of three-dimensional city construction (map) weather forecast: the first wave of strikes: this autumn haze to Sunday or local heavy pollution相关的主题文章:

To beat the student August Weiyang crew issued a statement clarifying entertainment Sohu roxane hayward

To beat the student? "August Weiyang" crew issued a statement to clarify the Sohu entertainment "August Weiyang" crew that 1  "August Weiyang" crew that 2  Sohu; entertainment news recently, according to friends broke the news that Shanghai is a University shooting TV series "August Weiyang", the crew beating students at the school. Students and even lead to bleeding. In this regard, "August Weiyang" crew formally issued a long initial response.         full text is as follows: "August Weiyang" crew ("the crew") just noticed, WeChat, micro-blog, watercress, know peace, forum on the Internet platform communication forwarding about the filming crew during the change of teaching building affect students’ learning, do not clean and dirty beat the student events of speech, posts and pictures in the East China University of politics and law, by a large number of frequent forwarding and transmission, and caused a lot of users know the truth for the crew of artists blame and false evaluation. For these events, the group has paid great attention, and timely understanding of the relevant circumstances, the unified statement is as follows: first, the crew will have two classrooms and dormitory as a change of the interior filming, but the change did not cause any damage to the classroom, drama group will also be in related scenes after the completion of the shooting timely and properly and carefully restored the classroom. Second, the network spread the crew on campus shooting site leave clutter images, it is taken in before the king home furnishings has not yet ended, the group set in after the completion of the work has taken timely and complete implementation of the cleanup work. Third, on the network transmission beating students events, although exaggerated, but we first related events occur to you to express my sincere apologies. The protection of artists working environment without interruption based on the consideration of the crew during filming on the sidelines for personnel taking behavior implementation of control measures. The evening of August 25th, in the shooting scene, because a passerby forced to take pictures with the crew of the dispute and pushing, after mediation, the crew was on the same day with the passers-by on the event of a dispute to reach an understanding and shook hands. Although the passers-by not in school, but the crew is dealing with inappropriate, in this regard, we as the employer responsibility, once again apologize, we will alert you to avoid the recurrence of the same event, also thank you for your supervision. Fourth, the TV series "since August Weiyang" boot so far, all the participating artists always diligent, careful completion of the work, the crew members of the participating artists for the professional attitude and skills to acknowledge and thank. These events occur with all the participating artists, in particular, in a dispute with a passer-by, the participating artists and the director is to concentrate on work, did not know, in any case, the explanation and comments were not for the crew of the participating artists, should not hold even by performing ginseng accusation and abuse. Network violence we resolutely resist any unknown truth to petty, and reserve the relevant parties legal responsibility相关的主题文章:

Chile cup Intelligence Everton VM for 7 years failed to defeat the Spanish Federation ca1835

Chile Cup: Everton VM for intelligence failed to win over Spain combined Monday 003   7;           cup Chile; Everton; VMVS       United Spain; 2016-11-15 07:30;             Venue: Vina Del Mar weather: sunny Everton 15° VM status: nearly 10 games record: 4 wins 3 flat 3 negative, into 15 ball, lost 13 ball in November 11th, Everton VM with Kalt Lo and Ragusa goal 2-1 away victory over Spain, Chile in the 14 Cup final two leg occupies a great initiative. Local time Tuesday, the two sides will carry out the second leg against Everton, VM home court advantage. However, the recent 2 beat Spain united, Everton VM were away, home court case Zuozhen, Everton VM has up to fail to beat Spain United for 7 years, during the record of 0 wins and 1 draws and 5 losses, the last home court in August of this year the League 1-1 draw against. Although VM Everton won the first leg, but the race nearly 7 games 4 wins, 3 unbeaten, but the overall strength is still inferior to the Spanish joint is an indisputable fact that the game need to guard against rivals Everton VM. Spain combined situation: nearly 10 games record: 6 wins 1 flat 3 negative, into 21 ball, lost 13 ball despite the strength of the dominant, and striker Sanom once the equaliser, but Spain is united in Chile 14 Cup final first leg home court 1-2 upset loss to the biggest dark horse VM everton. The next round, the Spanish Federation will face a more severe test. However, Spain combined overall strength is stronger, and has a strong repellent flat property, the race nearly 10 games 6 wins, 1 draws and 3 losses, the last 10 times against Everton VM is 6 wins and 1 draws and 3 losses were dominant, in the period from February 2009 to September 2015, even Spain combined 5 consecutive defeat away to Everton VM. Terms of personnel, personnel, regular no injury, no striker, nearly 6 games scored 5 goals in a good state, the second leg he will still play a role of winning hand. Battle record: nearly 10 times the two teams clash, Everton VM3 wins 1 flat 6 negative, into 14 ball, lost 20 ball. Game Analysis: SMG fixed bonus to win even negative odds of 2.35-3.50-2.39, recommended play: wins, negative. The first prediction: Everton VM (4-4-2): Los C- Suarez villaz Vazquez, Persian, Pena Rino, Blas Chris, Rojas, Leiden, Aerwukema orellana B- Rodrigues, Kalt Lo Spain combined (4-4-2): D- Sanchez, Dominguez, Currie Mira, Amupu Errol Bell Lado Pienaar J, Sandoval, Hernandez, J- Riva)相关的主题文章: