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Software The android development company Google has now updated its Doc Apps. This has created lot of excitement and fun among the Google Docs users who have been waiting for this for quite some time. Initially when the Google docs were officially released many of the mobile users as well as the tablet users switched over to it for better feature enhancements and flexibility. But it’s been long time since there has been an update on this aspect especially for all those honeycomb users. But the day has come for all the honey comb users as Google has just released an updated version for the Android mobile applications Honey comb tablets. It brings about a new designs and features that enhance the look, feel and use of the tablets. Features of Doc Apps The new Android mobile applications version 3.0 Honeycomb and higher can make use of such advanced Google docs apps. One of the major features that have been added includes the three pane view which enables the user for a quick and easy access to their collection and storage area. This saves lot of time and effort and also helps the users to play with their mobiles in an easier way. The view panel also contains other segments like starred items for future references which is listed on the left side panel. The list of the personalised docs will be listed in the middle list and on the right is a list containing the previewed items. All the various views can be seen at a glance and thus makes the search easier. Look of the View Panel When currently in the preview mode the users will be able to get complete details connected to it like names of people with whom it’s shared, privileges of the persons, person trying to edit the docs, and so on. Moreover the opening of any particular document is also easy with just a tap on the thumbnail. The Doc apps is compatible for Honeycomb 3.0 and also for higher versions too which are the latest releases from the Google which is the leading Android Development company. The docs apps has been designed by the Android Developers keeping in view the larger screen space for the tablets and thus will be a must have for all the tablet users. Other Features The Google doc apps also supports the caching of the documents in Android mobile applications in such a way that it helps in better recovery of the files. The Google doc also helps in creating word files and spreadsheets with ease and also allows sharing of the same. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: