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Pharos Traveler 137 Difficult to Use and Most Non-Standard of Headphone Jacks In sum: If you want coverage independent navigation or T-Mobile 3G, you may consider this Pharos Traveler 137, but you must live with Windows Mobile and the most non-standard headphone jack imaginable. Pharos Traveler 137 Pros: 1. Offers T-Mobile 3G on my grandfathered plan, though the coverage is spotty. 2. Nice screen–480×800. Feels good in hand. Nice form factor. 3. Decent sound in speakers after load Pocket Player. Sounds poor with Windows Mobile player. 4. Includes Opera 9.5 browser. 5. Sbp interface included. Quite glossy and graphical interface overlay. But takes work to set up and is flakey at times. 6. Some nice third party software can improve matters, such as Pocket Player, which has better sound and a resume function for audio books. Kinoma also is good and includes Audible integration. 7. The Pharos navigation software has ugly and dated graphics but does include turn by turn directions, and is not dependent on the wireless connection. A 2 gb navigation card in included, but this can be transferred to a card with more more memory. The gps was not as sensitive as advertised, but not too bad–it did pick up a signal in my tree lined street. 8. Is said to be able to be used as a modem. Haven’t tried this yet. Pharos Traveler 137 Pharos Traveler 137 Cons: 1. The most non-standard USB headphone jack I could imagine. I thought, at least, I could use HTC or Motorola Razr headphones or jacks. No. HTC jacks will not fit in the phone, and the Motorola USB jacks yield no sound. This is quite an outrage. 2. A close second for bad–Windows Mobile. The level of frustration which this OS presents is incredible at this stage in mobile development. It takes days to try to set up the phone to work in some reasonable way. The OS is slow and the stock programs are poor. The browser is bad–Opera is much better. The Media Player is horrible–the sound, .pability and functionality. It will hardly play any videos. The freeze ups are .mon–many times per day with constant use. 3. A close third for terrible–the keyboard implementation. The biggest problem–if you touch the on-screen keyboard even a millisecond too long, you get multiple character entries. After using the iPhone, this is very annoying. Also, although it includes a nice sbp keyboard, it pops up inconsistently. 4. The touch screen functionality is poor; it is either too sensitive (selecting what you don’t want) or not sensitive enough. 5. The accelerometer is flakey, being delayed in switching between landscape and portrait or flashing back and forth. 6. The jury is still out, but battery life seems very poor. 7. Many programs don’t work–Mobipocket for books (a shame with the big screen); the divx player; and many others I tried to load. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: