Pink Gold Silver Puzzle knowing that the flow can only profit why love to grab a single trend

Pink Gold Silver Puzzle: knowing that the flow can only profit why love to grab single exposure table: Sina contrarian fund letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Single is not terrible, the most embarrassing attitude. We want to use a $ten, but the results with ten a Tim, the house all over, scarred, the original dream now vanished. So, did you give up? To suffer a big time, have you ever thought of reason, why is the opposite result you and others? The greatest tragedy is not just investment stop stopped ravaged, but for the long wait for destruction? It got worse? The word shocks, many investors are not familiar with, and in the air on the process often achievement or breed those transactions without stopping the habit, but also makes the greedy to accept the education, the original should stop out of the list, because no stop carrying single found back to life, more so, then on the surface to win a lot of habits, but in the back of hand to dig a pit, when day after unilateral to jump, which is why when unilateral market will appear in large quantities of single people, it is because of the long time the market shocks which develop a habit, and regard themselves as the "exception". Greedy trading in shock and the face, do not rebound in the air, away, do not settle the end, a decline in loseeverything, unilateral homeopathic greed is a kind of mind, is a kind of tolerance, and shock when the convergence is a profitable way, to get greedy it is self immolation. Do investment all know that shock is essential for price fluctuations in the operation part, all unilateral market also need to shock brewing, our so-called technical indicators, in the shock process, in fact, is not important, to have enough firm experience of people, in fact, is to judge the market direction through the try to figure out the main intention at the time and has the market operation pattern, which is the market sentiment. A lot of people are talking about resistance, support position; resistance position, not necessarily will come down, and support position, not to go, it will rebound again. Some of the key position, once broken bits, will inevitably go continue, the so-called sense of disk, is nothing less than the content, but also grasp the contents, flour gold had to remind everyone that is not a short duration of time, it is not a simple technical indicators can learn to use. But the need for a long time after the actual combat summary, repeated demonstration, to achieve the meaning of the disk to understand the significance of fluctuations. If you are an ambitious trader, you have to go through thousands of trials and hardships, but also have to go through this unbearable torture, in order to realize the truth. But if you just want to make a little cheer, can do, do not quit the traders, then I suggest you don’t come here because of the investment market, success is not easy to make money is not easy. On the other hand, you must find a good analyst and his cooperation, to achieve your dream. The majority of people must have such a transaction confusion, we heard is also open mouth theory相关的主题文章: