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Travel-and-Leisure While most people think of Miami as a year-long vacation hot spot, it can be the ideal location for an unforgettable corporate retreat. Dotted with impressive skyscrapers and world-class hotels, Miami offers a world of options to business travelers who want to take their next corporate group event to a new level of luxury and sophistication. With a few easy planning tips, you can book an amazing corporate trip that .bines business meetings and training sessions with the opportunity to experience the best of the city of Miami and Miami Beach. Defining Your Needs To find a hotel that will be a perfect match for your corporate event, you need to have a good idea of how you are going to structure your stay and meeting schedule. Think about what type of space will make your team the most productive and what type of technical support you are going to need throughout your stay. If you want an intimate space for meetings with a few of your colleagues, then you should look for a hotel that offers small meeting rooms in Miami. If you are planning on hosting a large event with multiple departments, you are going to need large and airy conference rooms with ample seating and table space. Another thing you want to consider is whether you want to focus on improving team morale or finalizing a deal with a client or another firm. If you want your retreat to have a relaxing vibe, you might want to look for a corporate retreat hotel in Miami or Miami Beach that offers .fortable ac.modations with access to luxury amenities. For meetings that are strictly about business, you need to focus more on finding a space that will impress your partners and get you the results you are looking for, possibly closer to the downtown or central business district of the city. Booking Your Corporate Retreat Hotel in Miami Because hotels with the best conference rooms and corporate amenities are often booked months in advance, start planning your corporate retreat and meeting schedule as soon as possible. By giving your hotel advanced notice, you can secure your event at the top of the staffs priority list. That means you will get first pick when it .es to booking conference rooms, technical equipment and overnight ac.modations. Booking early is especially important if you have special needs because it is tough to find spaces that work when you dont have a lot of room to be flexible with your requirements. For example, small meeting rooms in Miami get booked up quickly throughout the year because they are also used by local businesses. Whether you are talking about size or special technical equipment, any non-negotiable requests should be taken care of several months before your event date. Most corporate hotels offer packages and other services for corporate guests. If you need help with finalizing the details of your event, call the hotels customer service staff for advice. In addition to booking the right conference rooms and securing the necessary technical equipment, you need to think about catering options and other optional services and amenities. If your event will take place over several days, choose a hotel that will give your guests a chance to explore local restaurants and popular landmarks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: