Poison relief soldiers wasp sting danger emergency deployment of specific drug mide-031

Poison relief soldiers wasp stings are dangerous effects of emergency deployment of Typhoon "Meranti" snake landing has in the past six days. After the typhoon water with high temperature, emergency rescue and disaster relief in the soldiers are easily injured, some in the Xiamen forces many soldiers were wasp stings, can inhibit the effects of snake toxin in urgent need of rescue, otherwise can lead to serious danger. However, this drug is very scarce, no drug! The drugs are not enough! After actively preparing for the medical staff, yesterday the shortage of the drugs was finally sent to the troops, "white coat" and "green defense" hands tightly together. Support the reconstruction of the soldiers were besieged wasp 15 am a wild storms, the Xiamen reconstruction work very hard. In recent days, the troops stationed in Fujian, more than and 10 hours of continuous fighting, rescue more than, action continues. The lodging trees need a shoulder to cut off the car, and then removed treatment. Although the officers and men are wearing gloves, wearing pants to do a good job of protective measures, but the arm, face is often scratched, the skin also left traces of mosquito bites. But the most serious is, once in operation, the soldiers encountered a wasp nest, many soldiers accidentally sting body from rash tracts. After the soldiers learned that the body up to two or three cm of the wasp, the toxicity is very strong, even an adult siege are potentially lethal. Wasp sting, need to snake powder deposited in the wound, serious, also need oral drug. However, due to the limited medical conditions in the operation, many officers and men can not get a thorough treatment, can only be a simple treatment. An emergency medicine box 80 snake rushed to rush to the rescue troops after receiving urgent request to support the snake, after the news, Xiamen City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital immediately take inventory for snakebite, but only more than and 100 boxes, have to stay a part to ensure outpatient supply, because every year in September, October was a lot of snake bites, wasp stings, this kind of medicine particularly scarce, there have not arrived the druggist. What should I do then? Chinese medicine hospital outpatient department immediately contacted the four community hospitals, get the reply is only two remaining 29 boxes. They all come together overnight, 80 boxes, second days to the troops, medical staff and arrange for the soldiers clinic. In addition to the drug, health care workers brought other drugs back to the soldiers. Not only is the troops, these days, the first hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhongshan hospital and other hospitals have sent medical service team, to each point for the reconstruction of frontline staff rounds. (Strait Herald (micro-blog) >);相关的主题文章: