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Pregnant woman did not dare typhoon home middle doctors cut the umbilical cord kayak rescue (Figure) – Beijing police will be escorted to the canoe on the pregnant women and infants, Pingyang County propaganda department to provide police will be taken for pregnant women and infants escorted to the canoe Pingyang County propaganda department to provide photo Beijing, September 29 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting) this year, No. seventeenth the typhoon "catfish" on September 28th at 4:40 in the morning in Quanzhou Huian coastal landing in Fujian, to bring a dangerous situation around Zhejiang. Zhejiang Wenzhou Pingyang a "naughty girl" did not stop, and her feet before and after the typhoon landing, emergency rescue and medical personnel rushed to the rescue, kayak, staged a relay for life. "The child is born, how can this do?" The morning of September 29th, a pregnant woman Tang Nei Hu Cun Shuitou Town Pingyang County Wenzhou City, suddenly felt stomach pain unbearable, then "impatient" baby girl at home in childbirth, but one family did not dare to cut the baby’s umbilical cord. Are more worried that the strong rainfall typhoon "catfish" brought by the local flood spreading, one family were trapped in the water, unable to pass. More than 12 noon, we received the command center command, said the famous pregnant women at home delivery, but did not dare to cut the umbilical cord, the situation is critical." Chen Wei, head of the county of Pingyang, told reporters in Beijing, after receiving a distress call, the first time they went to Pingyang Second People’s hospital obstetrics and gynecology doctors advice on how to deal with. The doctor said that if we went to pick up the mother, and then sent to the hospital, before and after the delay time, it is best to let the ambulance personnel accompanying, do simple processing." So, rescuers paddled a canoe to the second people’s Hospital of Pingyang County, the doctors and nurses, and immediately rushed to the direction to women. Another involved in the rescue of the town police said Zheng Zhengshuang, when they arrived, found that maternal home water has reached an adult calf. Just finished production of pregnant women lying in bed upstairs, pale, holding the newborn umbilical cord was not cut, the medical staff on routine disinfection, for pregnant women to the neonatal umbilical, warm, simple treatment, 4, 5 emergency rescue personnel will maternal and baby escort to the canoe, and bring the quilt, with an umbrella in the rain, pushing them to the hospital. "At that time, the situation is very urgent, if you are not in danger, I really do not know how to do. Thank you so much!" Maternal husband Zhou Cheng (a pseudonym) is very glad and peace, and took rescuers hand profuse. (end)相关的主题文章: