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Pregnant women do not go home for a few months wandering her husband: her character is too paranoid – Sohu news recently, located in Changchun, a lot of well-being of the community a lot of people are worried about a woman. She has been pregnant for 6 months, in recent months has been in the area of "sleeping", the mental state is not normal, eat all the neighbors to help, and her husband is living in the area, why didn’t she go home? Neighbor: pregnant women March did not go home users @zl4790178 recently released micro-blog said the area within a pregnant 6 months pregnant, because beaten her husband, has been wandering for 3 months, her husband not to let her go home, the home of the lock core is changed. The users also said that the nearby neighbors and his mother often give her to eat, but also took her to find the community, but also reported to the police, but because it is a chore, can only be coordinated, has not been resolved. 17 afternoon, the reporter came to the new culture of the community, through the help of residents in the district square to find the woman Wei Hong (a pseudonym). When the sky is raining, if not enthusiastic neighbors give her an umbrella, the body must be wet. The neighbor took her to a nearby shop, Wei Hong sat on the sofa, low head shaking. Neighbors said she had a normal state before, and no problem communicating with others. "This year ’51’ before and after the conflict, she and her husband were forced to leave home, the beginning we sent her to the property duty, then she slept in the corridor of the others discarded sofa." The neighbor said, "probably in July, she once went to the community, but could not solve the problem, she returned angrily to the husband’s motorcycle smashed, after that the spirit is not normal." A neighbor said, had seen her head, neck scars, asked her what happened, she said her husband hit. In the face of reporters and neighbors always asked Wei Hong not to utter a single word. Husband: her character too paranoid then new culture reporter found Wei Hong’s husband Li Hu (a pseudonym), talked about the wife, he is also a sad face. "We met in 2003, when I got married, I found her paranoid." He said, "often because of a trivial quarrel, a quarrel she broke things." In early 2004, the birth of two sons, Li Hu thought that the child’s care, his wife’s character can be better. "I did not expect that, when the child was 4 months old when she left, I went to her, but she did not come back." He said, had to divorce court, but because his wife was not present in court, so did not leave. Li Hu said that over the years the child has been pulled by him, it is not easy, but also owed a lot of debt. A few years ago, he received some compensation for the home area, after the debt, the father and younger brother’s help to buy the more than and 70 square meters of buildings. "I do not hide from you, she has not come home, I also want to give the child a complete family, in 2013, introduced by others, I live with another woman." Li Hu said, I once again sued for divorce, in July 28th last year, 21 days before the court, she came back to me, and finally I was hearing the day before the court of appeal." Li Hu felt, although she did not do the sun相关的主题文章: