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"Zhang Hanyun Peng Guanying Chen Yikai" Lanling princess love child firefly Sina entertainment news "Feng Jun Shi Guangcai, at this light", this song from the northern and Southern Dynasties Liang emperor poem "firefly" Jane said the night view of the fireflies elegant charm, also expressed the hit series "Lanling Princess" in Qing lock (Zhang Hanyun [micro-blog] although the ordinary decoration) but there is a pure and noble character ambition. Yesterday (November 13th) "Lan Ling Princess" premiere, a plot of tension and excellent production won the praise of many users. Yong lock large battlefield high divorce Changgong yuan Qing lock old friend meet yesterday but does not know the story, and Yong Yuwen funny elf yuan Qing lock since "love at first sight" after opening up with mutual mode, wedding suspicion mutual resentment funny sugar makes many users a message "can your mutual dog abuse, this wave of dog food eat very happy". The Yong Yuwen yuan Qing lock if not down, but yuan Qing lock has amnesia, the two emotions will be how to develop to become a major part of the story. Compared to the daily de Huan Yong lock, Lan Ling Wang Yuan Qing lock and high Changgong quite emotional abuse of the heart. Gao Changgong and Xiaolian on the cliff top in the world between the sweet embrace, a solemn pledge of love in the ear of Judah, and in the twinkling of an eye in order to revitalize the Xiaolian family alias yuan Qing lock married to another woman suffered amnesia catastrophe, the king Lan Ling thought that love Xiaolian late into endless thoughts. Tonight in the plot, in order to find the origin, Yuan Qing lock hard all the way to the border, the former childhood sweetheart finally meet again, can clear lock lost Xiaolian memory? Dongyang Xinshang New Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Dianguangzhuanmei culture development limited company system, festival culture film & Television Fund, Beijing Xin Xin Xiang nuclear Culture Development Co., Ltd. jointly produced by a bracelet, served as executive producer, senior writer Zhang, Peng Guanying, Zhang Hanyun thirteen adaptation, Andy Chen, Lily Tien, Lin Weichen, [micro-blog] Johnson, China Liu Shuailiang starred in the TV series "Lan Ling Princess" is hit, "pity Ling couple" long goodbye, child heart past tonight 22:00 Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater continued to show, please look forward to. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: