Pull Fan Bingbing bundle hype Zhang Xinyu I live with dignity headache怎么读�

Pull Fan Bingbing bundle hype? Zhang Xinyu: I live with dignity Tencent entertainment news Fan Bingbing, who appeared in the fashion week photos were compared, and many of the comments said that in imitation of Fan Bingbing, which makes Zhang Xinyu can not tolerate the. In October 7th, she made the classical speech fierce, "have you ever seen who every day holding someone to step on his foot by bundling it", "I do not accept you for me every day wearing the hat, hat is too high, the walk will be wrestling". Subsequently, she removed the micro-blog then issued a: Mom called to education, and your positive energy message I still see, thank you." Zhang Xinyu: have you ever seen the original micro-blog who pulled the rope others but also by every step on their own foot? What good do I have? I have only ridicule and abuse, but also affected my work. No patron can easily let you every day to write the news to my sick? Unbridled, and there is no end, I do not respond to positive write every day, who is in the strong pull others tied together? There is a limit to human endurance. I have been trying to enhance their own value, I can rely on their own, I live a free and independent dignity. I don’t accept the hat you wear every day, the hat is too high, and the walking will fall.相关的主题文章: