Putian, a man with a pair of scissors stabbed 5 nurses revenge attack hit5杨帆

Putian, a man with a pair of scissors stabbed revenge attack on 5 medical staff in the hospital of Putian Hualin Park   Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Liming     the reasons for concern in the afternoon of September 20th, Hualin Industrial Park of Putian District of Chengxiang, 54 year old Hubei man Yang holding the scissors into the park Hualin hospital, 5 medical staff stabbed fortunately, the injury is not serious. After the incident, the police quickly out of the police Yang control. Police investigation found that Yang’s daughter died 3 years ago in the hospital because of the death of the rescue, Yang was the impact of the rescue of the drink, but also the emergency doctor ran away. The drunken yang to the hospital of retaliation, has suspicion of affray crime criminal detention. A 8 cm long scissors revenge according to police reports, September 20th at 3:22 in the afternoon, the police station received the alarm call, Putian Hualin Park Hospital in Chengxiang District Hualin industrial park holding the scissors attack, 2 police officers and 2 police rushed to the scene 5 minutes. After the police arrived at the scene to see, the assailant was sitting in the hospital floor, heavier alcohol on the body. Police arrested him on the spot and seized the tools of crime: a length of about 8 cm scissors. After investigation, the suspect Yang 54 years old this year, Hubei Enshi people, work and family in Putian. The police investigation found that Yang’s daughter 3 years ago in a Waring Park Hospital after rescue invalid death, Yang believes that the hospital is not timely to the incident in the afternoon went to the hospital after drinking trouble. Enter the hall of the hospital, Yang Mouxian met a dentist, ready to attack the doctor away, then Yang saw the medical staff holding a pair of scissors to attack, resulting in 5 health care workers were injured. The reporter understands, Yang usually rely on picking up waste for a living, and a son home. He claimed that the motive is because his daughter died of social discontent retaliation, but he is the crime of scissors from where to come but refused to explain. In September 21st, Yang suspicion of affray crime criminal detention by the police. The medical staff were not according to the police, Yang’s daughter Xiao Yang Hualin Industrial Park earlier in a shoe factory work. 2013 years before and after the end of the year, after the illness to the hospital in the town of Yang, and then returned to the residence of the rest of the hospital in May. In May 8th, Xiao Yang Hualin Park Hospital hanging bottle, the condition suddenly deteriorated, in the hospital of Xiao Yang rescue also hit 120, ready to be sent to the large urban hospital. In May 8, 2013 3 pm, police received a public warning, said a man drunk in the rescue effect of Hualin Park Hospital, the police arrived at the scene found that the man is the father of Yang yang. Yang was in the hospital for about one or two hours, but also to the emergency doctor to run away, Xiao Yang died after rescue. The reporter learned that the Putian Hualin Park Hospital is a private hospital. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the hospital, according to hospital staff revealed that the first two days of medical staff injured at home leave. The dean of the hospital said the injured 5 medical staff, including 2 doctors and nurses, the injury is not serious, all the 3 nurses are.相关的主题文章: