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Qianjiang Evening News: "car" van driver why public wrath – View – people.com.cn original title: "car" van driver why public wrath in playback: road rage car, this sort of heinous crimes, this happened in Hangzhou, occurred in a hanging Zhejiang A license van body and, don’t turn a motorcycle. This section from the rear of the vehicle tachograph accidentally captured video, video display, a car license plate in A van in the 104 National Highway in Xiaoshan area in the process of running, do not deliberately cause a car, motorcycle owners several times "from the right lane roll to the left lane, fortunately, the car rear load recorder in time, stopped the car, not a tragedy. After the accident, the accident is a Anhui owner. Ten seconds of video: a crystal clear not hit the right turn signal, two forced to change lanes collision, three is hit and accelerated away. The whole process is fantastic. People can not understand what kind of road rage, can treat other people’s lives so crazy. Do not drive the van driver why public wrath do not drive the van driver why public wrath human eyes to look at this video, netizens believe that each can be scared into a cold sweat. A main van driving one crash down on the It is without rhyme or reason. do not know each other, and this should be different in. In such a malicious collision, the life of the motorcycle owner does not matter, is lucky. People are scared into a cold sweat, it is because of the possibility of malicious collision, is entirely possible in yourself. However, such a hit from the car even after rolling over not accidental, but may not be able to appear in their own body. From just a few seconds of video, can not be informed that the owner of the car is the end of the road anger? Why? However, one is the "iron foreskin", one is "leather iron", after the collision with the consequences of danger, the owner should be very clear. No matter what the cause is, malicious collide with each other, and this we see in the video was forced to stop kicking each other, the intentional crime, belong to the more bad behavior. He is not only suspected of dangerous driving, it is suspected of intentional injury, is in an extreme way to challenge the rule of law. If you put a few days off, if serious consequences, because the main motorcycle just minor injuries and let the owner of the car does not bear the life of violence, the main van type road rage, will be unable to stop because the rule of law is weak and. With all the road rage almost all showed the necessity of compared form, this occurred in the Hangzhou Xiaoshan car event, as with all these years the online exposure of road rage incident, showing more or accidental — across a tachograph car, I want to see the video posted on the Internet, not accidentally lost his life…… And these accidents, and finally into today’s torture: the law should do something about it? Therefore, the emergence of torture, but also accidental, not necessarily. If there is no such accidental superposition, the Xiaoshan car event, is entirely possible to become the mm case, it is entirely possible for the victim was not dead, at last)相关的主题文章: