Robin Li shows ” Baidu brain ” ability in some ways has exceeded the human – media tencent upd

Robin Li " Baidu brain "   in some respects has more than human – media – original title: Baidu will open the "Baidu brain" ability Baidu chairman Robin Li yesterday for the first time a comprehensive display of the Baidu brain capabilities of Baidu unmanned vehicle can accurately identify road signs, lights and other artificial intelligence (AI) is Baidu’s core technology development in recent years, Baidu brain is the core ability of Baidu AI. Baidu brain specifically what capacity? How to evaluate the level of Baidu brain? In yesterday’s 2016 Baidu World Congress, Baidu chairman Robin Li for the first time a comprehensive demonstration of the ability of Baidu’s brain. Baidu brain in some ways has exceeded the human brain Baidu concept about three years ago, said. At that time, we say, Baidu brain already has about two or three years old children’s intelligence level." So now, Baidu brain equivalent to the level of intelligence of a few years old? Robin Li said, "I don’t know how old it is, because the human brain and the computer is still a big difference, although Baidu brain is an artificial intelligence of the brain, but the normal development process and it is very different." It can be said that Baidu brain has a strong IQ, although not omnipotent, can not be compared directly with the human brain, but in some ways, Baidu brain has even surpassed the human. So what is Baidu brain? According to reports, Baidu brain artificial intelligence algorithms, computing power and data of the three technical components. In the part of artificial intelligence, large scale neural networks Baidu has simulated human neurons; also used parameters, trillion billion billion samples and the characteristics of the training phase, close to the body and the brain. In computing, Baidu uses hundreds of thousands of servers to calculate, many of which is not a traditional server based on CPU (central processing unit) of the server, but based on GPU (graphics processing unit); Robin Li said GPU is especially suitable for artificial intelligence, especially the deep learning. In the data part, Baidu collects the whole online Internet trillion web content, including ten billion video, audio and image positioning, users billions of Internet users every day to search requests and hundreds of billion times the request. Baidu unmanned vehicles rely on Baidu brain, Baidu brain’s most important features are: the ability of the voice, the ability of the image, the ability to understand natural language and the ability of the user portrait. The ability of speech is one of the most mature technologies. This year, MIT Technology Review (MIT science and Technology Review) magazine, the Baidu Deep Speech 2 voice recognition engine as the world’s top 2016 breakthrough technology change". This technique is mainly used, Baidu brain deep learning at present, the technology of speech recognition accuracy rate has reached 97%, the accuracy rate has reached or even sometimes has more than the ability to identify the voice of the people. In addition, Baidu’s voice synthesis technology has reached a "natural" experience, increase)相关的主题文章: