Rong Hui Finance focus on domestic hybrid solar thermal industry is expected to rebound Xinyi light kairui

Rong Hui Finance: focus on domestic hybrid solar thermal industry is expected to rebound Xinyi light hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Hong Kong level2 market through the mechanism of cards according to Shen Wanhong Source Research Report last week, the Shanghai composite index rose 3.49%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 5.05%, the new electricity industry rose 5.2%, outperforming the broader market, a total of six weeks of the new electric industry decline in about 13% decline continued to narrow. The industry, corun announcement last week CHS hybrid platform to join the new heavyweight shareholders of Changan auto and cloud power, Shen Wan think the Hongyuan hybrid industry in 2016 will usher in rapid development, the first leading battery corun; 1GW solar demonstration project in the near future is expected to continue to get approved by the Energy Bureau, thus speeding up the formation of domestic solar thermal industry industrialization, recommended focus on saving the inaugural and Hangzhou Boiler shares. This week the domestic hybrid car industry attention, thermal industry: last week, corun company announcement: corun, Geely Automobile, Changan automobile and Yunnei power jointly signed CHS agreement to increase their investment, the equity structure of the CHS is corun, Geely Automobile 51%, 49% of the capital: corun invested 200 million, 200 million Changan Yunnei power 60 million Geely, retained capital increase the amount of future right to no more than 200 million square, all after the completion of the capital corun remains the controlling shareholder status, the participating parties added after including Geely Automobile, Changan automobile and cloud power. According to the Bureau of energy 1GW solar demonstration project forthcoming, last week held Shenwan Hong thermal industry salon, that is just unfolding under the thermal market a. 15 years ago, the domestic solar energy industry mainly using polysilicon photovoltaic technology, 15 years of domestic solar thermal market started in October, 16 years to the Energy Bureau approved 1GW solar demonstration project, although the cost of thermal system in 30-40 yuan W is much higher than that of PV, the cost of electricity in the 1-1.1 yuan, the current price in the 1.2-1.4 yuan of subsidies continuous optimization, large space. Shen Hongyuan is optimistic about the ability of solar power to store solar energy in the evening, and has the ability to replace the thermal power to become photovoltaic and wind power peaking power supply. Recommended focus: Inaugural energy saving, hang pan shares. Hong Kong stocks, a strong market sentiment, market turnover continued weak, expected at this level of consolidation repeatedly, waiting to see a breakthrough power investment climate warming. Earlier Xinyi light (00968.HK) has issued a profit pre Hi, plus the market is looking forward NPC and CPPCC benefit shares, can absorb the small Bo rebound. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

融慧财经:关注国内混动车光热行业 信义光能有望反弹 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   据申万宏源研报,上周上证指数上涨3.49%,深证成指上涨5.05%,电新行业上涨5.2%,跑赢大盘,累计六周电新行业跌幅在13%左右,跌幅继续收窄。   行业方面,上周科力远公告CHS混动平台新加盟重量级股东长安汽车和云内动力,申万宏源认为混动行业在2016年将迎来长足发展,首推电池龙头科力远;1GW光热示范项目有望在近期陆续获得能源局批复,从而加快国内光热行业产业化的形成,推荐重点关注首航节能和杭锅股份。   本周行业关注国内混动车、光热行业:   上周科力远公司公告:科力远、吉利汽车、长安汽车和云内动力共同签署CHS增资扩股协议,此前CHS的股权结构为科力远、吉利汽车51%、49%,此次增资:科力远出资2亿、长安2亿、云内动力0.6亿,吉利保留增资权利未来增资金额不超过2亿,四方全部增资完成后科力远仍然维持控股股东地位,新增后的参股方包括吉利汽车、长安汽车和云内动力。   针对即将出台的能源局1GW光热示范项目,申万宏源上周举办了光热行业沙龙,认为光热是下一个方兴未艾的市场。15年以前国内太阳能行业主要以多晶硅光伏利用技术为主,15年10月国内光热市场开始启动,16年能源局即将批复1GW光热示范项目,尽管目前光热系统的造价在30-40元 W远高于光伏,度电成本在1-1.1元 度,目前的补贴电价在1.2-1.4元 度,后续持续优化空间较大。申万宏源看好光热能够储存太阳光在晚上发电的特性具备替代火电成为光伏和风电调峰电源的能力。推荐重点关注:首航节能、杭锅股份。   港股方面,市场观望情绪浓厚,大市成交持续薄弱,预料在现水平反复整固,等待投资气氛回暖才见突破动力。早前信义光能(00968.HK)已发盈利预喜,再加上市场正憧憬两会受惠股份,可小注吸纳博反弹。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: