Shadows can also create amazing body art! – Sohu

Shadows can also create amazing body art! Sohu step on the shadow of the game that we all played a child, the sun came out, the shadow will follow us closely, but do you think the shadow can also create works of art? We have recently found a new product first poly group art photography, these photos cleverly use leaves, Lace Umbrella hollow objects, let them in the sun casts a shadow in the human body, showing the artistic effect even as body painting, very shocked! Let’s take a look at it! The use of high-end shadow photography skills you learned? Quickly by the great sunshine, holding the camera to find a leaf to shoot up! The above content from "luxury car" brother said T1 is the Chengdu high-end life mobile platform, is committed to providing all kinds of high-quality activities and services for high-end users, build Chengdu from Online to Offline enjoy superior life platform. Stay tuned for more exciting content: WeChat T1-Life official T1 life long press down in two-dimensional code recognition相关的主题文章: