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Shanghai century old tailor Zhu Hongsheng cheongsam life – Sohu car cheongsam, decorated with countless memories of old Shanghai. Its unique beauty, unique oriental charm, soft woman figure, amazing time. Cheongsam is a symbol of people’s pursuit of beauty, is a product of the times. Time flies, now many people still love cheongsam, but with traditional techniques do cheongsam craft fewer. In Shanghai, there is a 100 year old tailor, using traditional techniques to do cheongsam, do is 80 years. Him, that’s Zhu Hongsheng. Mr. Zhu Hongsheng, is a national intangible cultural heritage dragon cheongsam making skills second generations of people, gave a number of Shanghai ladies made cheongsam, including the famous film star Hu Die, his work is renowned at home and abroad. 16 years old began to learn to make Qipao, began to learn from the manual: Pankou, hand sewn edges, boil edges to the whole process of ironing, sewing, and reception, guests in the store, tailored design, style selection and sample etc.. Every little bit, from the "tailor" to "old tailor", trained skill. His partner, Zhou Zhuguang evaluated him: "friendship between old and young people is a man of God, not quantity can tell the guest, he is very pure, like mind cheongsam, born of cheongsam." 80 years to polish the skills, cheongsam has been deep into his heart. A needle, a cut, can see his skill. Now, he has taught the students skill, they carry out their duties, clear division of labor, cutting, sewing, and each is a connoisseur, after they create cheongsam can integrate with people wearing cheongsam. They do not only can perfect the stature of the cheongsam show, more important is the ability to modify shape, let people become more beautiful cheongsam. This is the ingenuity of the pure, is the basic skills of. Cheongsam and cheongsam people, not only in order to wear and wear, but also to enjoy and beauty. For cars, Changan Mazda also adhering to one people, driving pleasure of concept cars, carefully build a good car, adhere to the quality strategy characteristics. Control more smoothly, shift more smoothly, so that people feel the car ride a car, one of the ultimate. The shape is more fashionable, more exquisite interiors, aims to increase user satisfaction, the car is no longer just a ride is a tool, more like friends, let people feel the joy and peace of mind for the partner. For Mr. Zhu Hongsheng and his disciples, the cheongsam is not the same. In the West learn widely from others’strong points under the influence, the continuation of life before the Shanghai cheongsam. They are based on the traditional techniques of hand artists, continuous improvement, into the new elements. For example, to do, Gu Pankou, according to the fabrics, roll, the color of clothes, the weight, different design, mastery. Pankou live in her hand, modeling has become more diverse. Mr. Zhu Hongsheng in the style of cheongsam, now basically from the partner of Zhou Zhuguang’s wife’s hand, she is doing the cheongsam design, with a lot of new elements, more in line with the modern aesthetic, making them:相关的主题文章: