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Shanghai will build a three-dimensional city construction 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery Washington (reporter     Zhu Xiaoli) "Shanghai urban construction and management of the" 13th Five-Year "plan" released yesterday, Shanghai 2020 will build 100 kilometers of new underground pipe gallery. By then, "underground Suzhou River", "underground logistics thoroughfare", or the first appearance, through the creation of "three-dimensional city", strengthen urban comprehensive management, improve public transport, living conditions. According to the latest plan, the city will promote the construction of underground space and comprehensive pipe gallery. Including the development of underground space planning combined with the vertical stratification, road reconstruction, construction of rail traffic and city renewal, according to local conditions to promote city construction comprehensive pipe gallery, "13th Five-Year" period, built 100 kilometers underground pipe gallery. Explore the paid use mechanism of underground comprehensive pipe gallery. "Integrated corridors have many functions, some of them are very large, even more spacious than subway tunnels." Shares in the tunnel of Underground Space Design Research Institute experts told reporters, for example, is the implementation of the "Suzhou underground river" project, length will reach 15 km, the diameter is 10 meters underground, to collect rainwater and subsequent purification, precipitation, the final row of river, Shanghai will become a powerful weapon of flood control and drainage". At the same time, the comprehensive corridor will also reserve underground logistics, energy transmission and other functional corridors. Traffic experts say, "13th Five-Year"   during the period of the city will be more overall waterway, railway and highway, aviation construction, build a comprehensive transportation corridor. At the same time, the construction of vertical coordination and integration, horizontal interconnection underground space system, to create a "three-dimensional city"". For example, in the research of underground logistics channel, can let the truck, express logistics vehicles and other exclusive underground traffic way, ground traffic congestion ease in some areas, the city has been successful in foreign countries. In this plan, the concept of "sponge city" embodies the whole process of urban planning, construction and management. By 2020, the city’s sponge city construction area will reach 200 square kilometers. Hot news: rail line 18 station on the starting point of 8 stations in the simultaneous construction of IKEA old age: blind corner talk about friends can live together the House bill is spell exposure in Shanghai without paying extra fees not more 4S shop selling cars have been rife in the transfer list of female teachers had questioned cited a doctor fracture (Figure) against man stop being shouted Lao Tzu police stopped money withdrawal request ticket (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai temperature rise daily maximum temperature up to 23-24 degrees over the weekend 上海将打造立体城市建设 建100公里地下管廊   本报讯 (记者 朱晓立)《上海市城乡建设和管理“十三五”规划》昨日发布,上海至2020年将建设100公里新型地下综合管廊。届时“地下苏州河”、“地下物流大通道”等或首次亮相,通过打造“立体城市”,加强城市综合管理,改善市民交通、居住条件。   最新规划中提出,本市将推进地下空间和综合管廊建设。其中包括开展地下空间竖向分层规划,结合道路新建改建、轨道交通建设和城市更新等,因地制宜推进城市综合管廊建设,“十三五”时期,建成地下综合管廊100公里。探索地下综合管廊有偿使用机制。“综合管廊功能多,有的非常庞大,甚至比地铁隧道还要宽敞。”隧道股份地下空间设计研究总院专家告诉记者,比如即将实施的“地下苏州河”工程,全长将达到15公里,地下通道管径就有10米,收集雨水,随后净化、沉淀,最终排江,将成为上海防汛排水强力“武器”。同时,综合管廊还将预留地下物流、能源输送等功能通道。   交通专家透露,十三五”“ 期间本市将更多统筹水路、铁路、公路、航空建设,打造综合立体交通走廊。同时建设竖向协调一体、横向互联互通的地下空间系统,打造“立体城市”。比如,已在研究的地下物流通道,可让集卡、快递物流车等独享地下通行路权,缓解一些地区拥堵的地面交通,这在国外城市已有成功案例。   在此次规划中,海绵城市”的“理念体现到城市规划、建设、管理全过程。至2020年,本市海绵城市建设面积将达到200平方公里。   热点新闻:   轨交18号线起点站开工 8座车站同步建设中   宜家老年相亲角:可谈朋友可同居 房子钞票是魔咒   曝上海4s店额外收费多 不付费不卖车已成风   女教师入居转户名单引质疑 曾将医生打骨折(图)   男子违停遭处罚大喊老子有钱 拦警车要求撤罚单(图)   天气预报:   上海气温逐日回升 周末最高温可达23-24度相关的主题文章: