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Shanxi with the government to buy services investment 18 billion 400 million to promote tourism highway construction to the government to buy services 18 billion 400 million yuan investment in Shanxi daily news (reporter Leng Xue) in September 13th, between the mountains and a wild profusion of vegetation in Yicheng County, Shun Wang Ping Road (south to the peach ridge tourism section) transformation project officially started. This is the Ministry of transportation "13th Five-Year" during the first project for the government to buy services to promote rural tourism highway construction, first built by Shanxi Luqiao Group Co. Ltd. in the province. The project started construction of rural tourism highway construction curtain in the coming 5 years, the province’s 266 planning projects, the total size of about 4120 km, a total investment of 18 billion 400 million yuan. According to the deputy director of the Provincial Department of transportation Yuan Qingmao introduction, at present, the Provincial Communications Department has issued the rural tourism highway construction pre plan of about 3 billion 500 million yuan, the construction scale of about 1226 km, the completion of the annual plan of rural tourism highway construction investment 2 billion yuan, the construction scale of 450 km. Recently, the province is about to start construction of rural tourism highway project a total of 43, the construction scale of about 547 km, with a total investment of about $3 billion 500 million. "12th Five-Year" period, our province expressway construction has achieved rapid growth, "Twelve vertical and three horizontal twelve ring highway network initially formed, for the province’s economic development especially the tourism economic development provides a good traffic infrastructure. At the same time, the province’s tourism economy showed strong growth momentum, has become a new driving force for economic restructuring and development. Therefore, speeding up the rural tourism highway construction has become a better development of tourism resources and tourism economic support, the inevitable need to promote the tourism market from the traditional "tourist attractions" to "global travel" transformation. At present, the province’s rural highway four and roads 99 thousand km, accounting for 80.3% of the total mileage of rural highway, connecting the characteristics of rural tourism, many forest tourism, ecological tourism, poverty alleviation and tourist attractions of the highway technical level is low, promote the realization of new development to accelerate the construction of a number of tourist highway high standard of tourism economy. In June this year, "Shanxi province rural tourism highway construction plan (2016-2020)" promulgated, planning from the initial more than 1 thousand km mileage increased to 4120 kilometers, the scale of investment increased from the original 4 billion 500 million yuan to 18 billion 400 million yuan, the construction standard also increased to two to grade 1. Five years, the province will be a number of new alterations leading to various counties (cities) all kinds of attractions of the rural tourism highway, the basic realization of the four and above tourist highway connectivity. In August 30th this year, the Provincial Department of transportation innovative financing, and the Agricultural Development Bank of China Shanxi branch signed a comprehensive support for rural transport construction strategic cooperation framework agreement. "13th Five-Year" period, the Provincial Communications Department will make full use of the Agricultural Development Bank branch in Shanxi province by China system credit system also, credit system, credit points also points in a variety of ways to provide not less than 40 billion yuan loan amount, to accelerate rural highway construction in our province, which will this year for rural tourism highway to implement the first batch of loan about 10 billion yuan, will mainly through the traditional credit system also, and raised 20% of construction funds, repayment, annual budget, and the provincial national poverty counties.相关的主题文章: