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American actor revenue ranking: several stars Sheldon + modern hot mom won the "Big Bang" last year has just signed a big contract Sheldon: money is good (design lines) "modern family" starring several income also cheap Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 26th news, according to foreign media reports, Forbes magazine recently released once a year the American TV actor list, the "Big Bang" starring Jim · Parsons and "modern family" actress Sophia · vegarra became the nation’s highest income of male and female TV actor, the two hit comedy the other actors are also on the list. "The big bang" is the highest rated sitcom in the United States, and several of its stars have just completed a contract extension last year. Sheldon, Parsons "Leonard" Gaierkeqi four "Big Bang" actor in the TV actor list of the top four, and the other on the list nominated actor (except Harmon) opened a big income gap. Parsons is the second consecutive year topped the list the first TV actor. "Pan flower" Carey · and Parsons et al; income close to Sophia Cooke, vegarra · second ranked actress list. "Modern family" actress Sophia · vegarra thriving ranked first actress income list, the other actors in the play are also on the list. Forbes TV actor revenue list TOP15 1 Jim · Parsons (Jim Parsons), the "Big Bang" (The Big Bang Theory), $25 million 500 thousand 2 Johnny · Galecki (Johnny Galecki), the "Big Bang", $24 million 3 Simon · Hallberg (Simon Helberg), the "big bang" 22 million 500 thousand dollars, 4 Kunming naw · (Kunal Nayyar), but the "Big Bang", $22 million 5 Mark · Harmon (Mark Harmon), "NCIS" (NCIS, 20 million) $6 Thai Burrell · (Ty Burrell), "modern family" (Modern Family), 12 million 500 thousand the $7 Nathan · Fillion (Nathan Fillion), "Castle" (Castle, 12 million) $7 Jesse · Taylor · Ferguson (Je SSE Tyler Ferguson), "modern family", $12 million 7 · ray Romano (Ray, Romano); "black glue era" (Vinyl), $12 million in 10 ed · Austria)相关的主题文章: