Shenzhen police on the first day out of 9 tickets green light owners fined 300 yuan 特命战队go busters

Shenzhen police on the first day of 9 tickets out of the green light owners fined $300 – the first day of the Shenzhen police on the first day of the road out of the 9 tickets to the owner of the violation of a fine of 300 yuan traffic police show the first green light was fined ticket. Guangzhou Daily reporter Xuan Hui photo Guangzhou daily Shenzhen news (reporter Zhou Weiliang Liu Ming correspondent) yesterday, after the early publicity and warning period, Shenzhen traffic police official on the "red light" illegal traffic began punishment. Yesterday, the first ticket to the police to the owners to offer, for this appeal, the traffic police department opened a full 300 yuan ticket. Yesterday, the traffic police department opened a total of 9 green light ticket. The first driver to be punished for "discount" yesterday, Shenzhen city traffic police organization 95 rectification, from 7:30 to 19:30 to carry out the "red green 02" illegal special rectification action in the city. According to statistics, as of the morning of 9 cases of "green light" illegal acts. Violation of the owners fined 300 yuan, a fine of $500 within a year from the third. In Nanping Liuxian Avenue intersection, the Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police in Nanshan Xili here started up from 7:30 morning peak. At 8:20, a white SUZUKI car Nanping northbound lights turned green, not observed in front of the intersection has appeared congestion, start to enter the intersection. After being stopped by traffic police, the driver Mr. Jin said "I see there is a little space, I can feel squeezed. It is very good to regulate the traffic lights, but the transition time is a little short. Because before the test driver’s license is a ‘red light stop green line’, so I hope to increase the transition period so that we get used to." Then, make the penalties 300 yuan law enforcement police again to Mr. Jin explained the rules, this is also the Shenzhen police’s first out of "red light" illegal punishment. In his first drivers fined, Mr. Jin said with a smile: "since it is the first single, there is no discount?" Traffic police: traffic congestion in front of the green traffic police in Shenzhen from September 1st to carry out publicity and education period, the cumulative 541 bus stations (stations), taxi companies (teams), network about car companies to carry out education. From September 8th onwards on the warning period "red light" to more than 300 cases of illegal law enforcement, publicity and education million passengers. But yesterday fined the owners still confused the rules of green hedge. Mr. Jin said the rules is still a little fuzzy. I understand that, anyway, I did not add blocking, I can not pass the green light, but obviously not, I will not go." Mr. Jin said, he felt the past, he would as soon as possible, if the stop in situ, but also clogging. Traffic police said that in the case of congestion ahead, although it is a green light, it can not move forward. Shenzhen Nanshan Police Brigade deputy commander Li Yunchang said, as long as the front of congestion, we have to stop at the stop line, such as the intersection of traffic, keep smooth, can enter the intersection. In law enforcement, there is also a driver to the scene to reflect the traffic police, at the intersection of the first row in front of the intersection to see the traffic jam had to wait for the initiative to stop, do not intend to enter the intersection, but the rear of some vehicles have been.相关的主题文章: