Shenzhen residents at noon wash vegetables and cook the tap will swim red

Shenzhen residents at noon wash vegetables and cook the tap will swim "bloodworm noon to cook, was going to pick washing dishes, did not expect the flow out of a red worm." In September 28th, Wang retired professor SZU who lives in the city of Shenzhen overseas Chinese town told reporters. "How can not think of the faucet will run out of insects." Figure is the teacher’s home, Wang Feixiang, the studio of the "flow" out of the little red worms about two cm, looks like some earthworms. "It will move, will swim in the basin," Wang said, "if I had a little attention, may eat cooked with vegetables." Psychological shadow area slightly larger Teacher Wang did not dare to wash dishes to cook, and his lunch on the premature death". Subsequently, he began to call the overseas Chinese town of water power company phone to reflect the situation. Overseas Chinese town, said the water company, Wang may be the home of the water pipe network problems. Wang found a Tim water bowl dedicated to the casual visitor "". But reporters arrived in the afternoon when the teacher Wang home, it has been lying on the bottom of the water motionless. For Wang home to red Wang Feixiang photo OCT hydropower company staff Zhu Shifu also rushed to the Wang family understand the situation. "In this area of drinking water is directly supplied from Meilin waterworks, there is no storage link. If it is the problem of water supply, then the whole overseas Chinese town should not only be together." Zhu master said. He looked at Mr. Wang’s home water supply pipe, did not find unusual circumstances. "It might be a bug in their water pipes or faucets. The whole water supply system is safe." The reporter contacted the relevant person of the conclusion is "suspected water earthworm". On the "true identity" pending further confirmation. And Mr. Wang began to worry about how to do dinner? Shenzhen evening news reporter Wang Feixiang trainee editor Xu Yaqiao相关的主题文章: