Sichuan 14 city states by the Expo platform agreement signed 423 projects a total investment of 396 tokyo hot n0476

Sichuan 14 city states by the Expo platform signed 423 projects with a total investment of 396 billion 800 million and 14 prefectures agreement agreement a total investment of 396 billion 800 million Cibaud will be opening soon, city states are busy doing what 14 city states use the Expo platform signed 423 projects with a total investment of 396 billion 800 million Yuan agreement newspaper news (reporter Zhang Shou Shuai) in November 2nd. The sixteenth session of the Expo has not yet opened, Chengdu, Yibin (micro-blog), Liangshan (micro-blog) and other 14 prefectures were held by the platform investment environment promotion project "Sichuan", a small climax. Chengdu signed 19 strategic cooperation agreement and project investment agreement, a total investment of 158 billion 630 million yuan; Zigong (micro-blog) signed 11 projects with a total investment of 22 billion 550 million yuan; Liangshan (micro-blog) signed 29 projects with a total investment of 21 billion 584 million 600 thousand yuan…… According to reporter statistics, in addition to the 6 strategic cooperation agreement signed in Chengdu (agreement amount of $115 billion), the total investment agreement signed on the day of 423, involving an investment of $396 billion 829 million 600 thousand. Following the 1654 major projects in October 31 on the history of the organization focused on the project, Sichuan once again highlighted as the western investment activity. A single project investment is a major feature of the city state project contract. Sichuan Dekang agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology limited company in Yibin 5 million pigs of circular economy and green food deep processing project, the total investment amounted to 7 billion 500 million yuan; Beijing financial mail in Leshan (micro-blog) to implement the Qianfoyan – Dongfeng weir scenic area comprehensive development project, the total investment is 3 billion 500 million yuan; ZOJE Energy & Environment Technology (Dazhou (micro-blog) Industrial Park) total investment budget for 2 billion yuan. According to reporter estimates, 423 contracted projects an average single investment of 938 million yuan. Among them, Chengdu, Zigong, Yibin, micro-blog (Meishan), Dazhou, Leshan, (micro-blog) and other 7 cities a single project investment of over 1 billion yuan, especially in Chengdu and Zigong, the most significant. From the source of the project, from the world’s top 500 enterprises and foreign enterprises more. Meishan breath introduced 6 world top 500 enterprises have settled down, including the world’s largest enterprise software company Oracle, the world’s second largest chemical companies such as Dow chemical. Chengdu is the introduction of the Sino German cooperation "Sichuan Airlines (micro-blog) air logistics Career Academy", SIEMENS help BOE production line upgrading projects, gain new achievements in the construction of national portal city oriented "The Belt and Road". As a resource-based city, the old industrial city, Dazhou signed 9 projects with a total investment of 12 billion 60 million yuan agreement; Neijiang (micro-blog) signed a total of $24 billion 605 million in the project agreement. Sichuan regional economic powerhouse is the aviation industry, new energy industry, the tourism industry as the "new economy" in transition. It is worth mentioning that the current popular PPP mode, but also a major highlight of the city state to introduce the project. Guang’an (micro-blog) united credit management of the government and the Limited by Share Ltd, the Limited by Share Ltd Guoxin Guoxin signed a joint credit, in the shares (Guang’an) project of urban and rural wisdom demonstration area, the construction of PPP model, agreement to invest 15 billion 500 million yuan, the proposed construction in Guang’an urban and rural wisdom demonstration area, small aircraft.相关的主题文章: