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Sichuan will build Chinese medicine health management information platform of traditional Chinese medicine services amounted to 45% Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Xie Ranan) September 18th, WCC reporter learned from the provincial government, the day before the "Sichuan Province Chinese medicine health service development plan (2016 – 2020)" has been introduced. According to the plan, by 2020, the province has basically established a traditional Chinese medicine health service system with Sichuan characteristics, the basic level of Chinese medicine service volume reached 45%, the total output value of Chinese medicine industry accounted for about 50% of the total output value of pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, a group of Chinese medicine products, service brands and enterprises with international competitiveness are formed. Basing on the domestic market, opening up the international market and promoting the foreign exchange of traditional Chinese medicine. The development of traditional Chinese medicine health care service is further defined in the "planning". TCM hospitals at grade two or above should set up or clear the Department of disease prevention, to help the city civil defense disease in the bud. Medical institutions will also carry out health management business of traditional Chinese medicine, public health examination to obtain health consultation in traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, the establishment of the provincial health information platform for traditional Chinese medicine, to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine health care service standards and standards, to develop personalized health intervention programs or guidelines (service package). In addition to health care, traditional Chinese medicine medical services will accelerate the development, 80% of the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to reach the level of two Chinese medicine hospital standards. Chinese medicine will also be combined with the elderly, "planning" clear, to develop traditional Chinese medicine characteristic pension institutions. To support geriatric medical institutions and geriatric wards in conditional medical institutions, and to establish geriatrics department in more than 70% county-level TCM hospitals. Support the conditional pension institutions to set up geriatric disease, chronic disease prevention and control of traditional Chinese medicine consulting room. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original text, only to expand the reading of the first Chinese medicine health service platform on line

四川将建中医健康管理信息平台 基层中医服务量达45%华西都市报讯(记者 谢燃岸)9月18日,华西都市报记者从省政府获悉,日前《四川省中医药健康服务发展规划(2016—2020年)》已经出台。根据《规划》,到2020年,全省基本建立具有四川特色的中医药健康服务体系,基层中医服务量达到45%,中药工业总产值占医药工业总产值比例达到50%左右。同时,形成一批具有国际竞争力的中医药产品、服务品牌和企业。立足国内市场,开拓国际市场,促进中医药对外交流。中医药养生保健服务的发展在《规划》里面进一步明确。二级以上的中医医院都要设置或明确治未病科,帮助市民防疾病于未然。体检机构也将开展中医健康管理业务,市民体检能够获得中医方面的健康咨询。同时,还要建立全省中医健康管理信息平台,推动制定中医养生保健服务类规范和标准,制定个性化中医健康干预方案或指南(服务包)。除了保健方面,中医医疗服务也将加快发展,80%的县级中医医院达到二级中医医院标准。中医还将和养老结合在一起,《规划》明确,要发展中医药特色养老机构。支持有条件的中医类医疗机构开设老年病科和老年病房,70%以上县级中医医院开设老年病科。支持有条件的养老机构开设以老年病、慢性病防治为主的中医药诊室。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 国内首个中医药健康服务平台上线相关的主题文章: