Single mother lost Luzhou in tears 5 days lost 6 pounds to the Mid Autumn Festival moon round footman

Single mother lost Luzhou in tears 5 days lost 6 pounds to the Mid Autumn Festival moon round looking at photos of his son, she burst into tears in the Mid Autumn Festival in Luzhou (micro-blog, WeChat) the public Ms. sun also hope to meet again and not the son, occurred in the early morning of August 18th for murder, 47 year old granddaughter, a single mother lost. It was originally a birthday party, and eventually turned into the tragic death of two young people. Recently, one of the deceased mother of the Yellow Sea Ms. sun came to the river city newspaper, his grief her son left, urged parents to strengthen the supervision of children, do not let the tragedy reproduce impulse. Police received a call his son killed cloudy, drizzle, the Sun newspaper into a black, with a sad face. In August 18th 11 noon, Ms. sun suddenly received a call from Longmatan District Public Security Bureau police brigade police telephone, told her that her son in the Yellow Sea the night before being killed because of a dispute, now mortuary funeral home, hoping that she went to assist in the investigation. Heard the remark, Ms. sun suddenly feel "brain fried". "Impossible, how will my son die?" Ms. Sun told the newspaper reporter, she has a very serious Tuiji, was lying on the chair, learned the news turned suddenly jumped up. She immediately gave his brother a call, relatives and friends in the company, immediately rushed to the Longmatan District Public Security bureau. Unfortunately, the news has been confirmed, the Yellow Sea has indeed died, the death time of about the same day in the early morning. Like a bolt from the blue, Ms. sun immediately Meng, the next day, she was in a trance and weep for the. In the day after the the Yellow Sea companion and the police know, Ms. sun learned about the incident. On the evening of August 17th, a friend’s birthday, 22 year old the Yellow Sea and Huang Jun, aged 23, and other friends, play together in KTV. Because of the quarrel between girls, both male partners are ready to. The Yellow Sea is also called some friends to "tie up" to settle the matter". The two sides also ate supper, was a bit tense. Later, a group of people to take a taxi to leave, in the car had a dispute, taxi drivers worried about the accident, let them get off. After getting off the 4 young men, in the vicinity of wood cliff Park, the Yellow Sea and Huang Jun have been killed. Tears lost mother 5 days lost 6 pounds in Sichuan city newspaper reporter then from Longmatan District Public Security Bureau was informed that the suspect in the case of a million, the suspicion of intentional injury causing death, has been arrested according to law. The case is still under investigation. Police briefed reporters on the case: the night of the incident, a group of people in the KTV for a girl to celebrate the birthday, due to the small altercation between the girls, resulting in both men have the urge to fight. Later, in a taxi to leave, the two sides began to work on the car, because of the fierce fighting, the taxi driver to get off both sides, the tragedy followed. Ms. Sun told reporters after the incident, the suspect’s family did not make a phone call, no one to care about her. In the first stage, she didn’t know how she got it. Every day crying, or tore her hair, hair pulled down, but she did not feel pain. Just 5 days, she lost the weight of 6 pounds. In the 47 year old Ms. sun’s eyes, only the Yellow Sea has a lot of disadvantages).相关的主题文章: