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Small displacement energy tax cuts of six joint venture compact car recommended Phoenix car guide: Guangzhou before the end of this year has been rumored to perform more than 1 years of small displacement vehicle purchase tax reduction policy to cancel, although there are many experts denied, but whether the news is true also false, which halved the purchase tax is real to save money! In this case the highest can reduce Hideo, a more than 6000 yuan, which is full of a certain brand of fruit, the price of mobile phone ah. So whether or not to cancel all good, now buy a small displacement car is still very cost-effective, but also can save a car fuel consumption. The editor selected 6 popular small cars, including three car hatchback, the car of the joint venture, there is always a right for you. The 6 section of the joint venture compact car recommended models price highest preferential contact Ford Fawkes 9.98-16.58 million 18 thousand yuan inquiry details 020-61720515 Nissan Tiida 9.99-13.49 million 10 thousand yuan inquiry details 020-85553008 Buick Hideo 10.99-15.99 million 21 thousand yuan Skoda 020-84288566 inquiry details Octavia 9.98-17.99 million inquiry 24 thousand yuan 020-39999996 details of the BMW 2 series wagon 23.69-33.19 million inquiry 74 thousand and 600 the details of Audi A3 18.49-28.10 020-82168668 yuan 31 thousand yuan 020-37790000 million inquiry details tab: Changan Phoenix car Ford Fawkes guide price: 9.98-16.58 million 2015 Ford Fawkes three car 1.6L automatic fashion model Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from the Guangzhou area Ford dealer, the store is currently Fawkes model car in Sales, mainly in the store to sell the main color. Car can offer 18 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. The price in the table below: Fawkes’s new price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2017 hatchback EcoBoost manual 125 super fashion type Chi edition 13.08 11.28 1.80 2017 inquiry ample car hatchback EcoBoost 125 automatic wind type line version 14.18 is 12.38 inquiry 2017 1.80 cars are plentiful three car EcoBoost 125 manual super fashion type Chi edition 13.08 11.28 1.80 2017 inquiry sufficient car car three EcoBoost 125 automatic super fashion type Chi edition 14.18 12.38 1.80 2017 inquiry ample car hatchback EcoBoost 180 auto elite 14.98 13.18 car inquiry相关的主题文章: