Small things in the work allowance and big problems that workers can’t get allowance (video) zhuxianduowan

Small things in subsidies and big problems with workers get allowance meal eat what rice paste is the final key. Especially the lunch time, foraging white-collar workers, looking at the wide range of colors, a superb collection of beautiful things delicacy business circle, and then touch their wallets, only issued such a sigh: "lunch is difficult, the most difficult is rice paste too little!" Recently, Sichuan’s "Tianfuzaobao" reporter interviewed more than 20 workers. The results show that foreign companies and the financial sector rice supplement is higher, more than 400 yuan, up to a month of nearly $700. The 4 work in the private sector workers are not in a very good mood, food subsidies to zero their heart message, "a meal supplement is only a legend". A similar situation is not uncommon in Shanghai. Many workers work for many years, wages and bonuses are up, rice paste a class of subsidies has become a forgotten corner". In modern society, the fierce competition of human resources, staff more and more care, and compare the content is independent of welfare enterprises, which are closely related and rice paste due to the daily life of the employees, the degree of concern is very high. But the same is allowance, some workers monthly allowances can get one thousand yuan, some are only tens of dollars or even less, dozens or even hundreds of times the "gap" staggering. Followed by the psychological gap between workers, especially when you see friends around to get more than a lot of their own times when the rice paste, the hearts of some tangled. Do you have a word about the food? You have a meal with friends the story and why? Is it reasonable and lawful for the enterprise to distribute the food? Loading… "" "" Shanghai today recommended hours "get rid of" reform overtime working time system can’t calculate the Shanghai will push the electronic tax service system buy no paper payment certificate fraud Gang high prices please professional writing some value ten "Laolai" owed up to 1 million yuan repayment is not much property "innocence" eating instant noodles anda coffee: only seasoning bag preservative of new energy vehicles subsidy policy will be adjusted (this video for extension)相关的主题文章: