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SEO Social networking is one of the easiest ways to be in touch with todays world. Nowadays social networking has changed the life style, thinking, and basic activities of a human being. People have got a platform to .municate, gather information, and most importantly to express their views. In todays era when a people hardly find time for themselves, social networking is helping out to stay in touch with friends, relatives and loved ones. For regular .munication, we use lots of social networking sites, in which twitter and Facebook are most popular among these days. Twitter is an online networking service and micro blogging, which enables its users to send and read text based messages up to 140 characters which are called ‘tweets’. It helps you to stay connected to the world by expressing your views, and you can speak your mind with your status updates which are followed by friends and followers and they can reply back on it. Facebook is also a social site which helps you to stay connected with your friends but provides you more feature as .pare to twitter. It makes you upload your pictures, share links, videos and make friends. But sometimes it gets difficult to manage two accounts simultaneously. There was once a time when facebook users wanted nothing to do with the twitter updates. Now as, Twitter is rounding the mainstream bend, facebook users have developed a fancy for twitter themselves. But they find it difficult to manage both the accounts. So now twitter finally announced naive facebook integration. Now you can link your twitter account to your facebook account, so your tweets will show up automatically on your facebook page which will save you from being troubled in updating two accounts. So if you are looking for the Auto Updates straight to Facebook from your twitter account here are some steps. Find the twitter application on facebook and then click go to application. Click allow twitter to update your facebook status. Your Twitter account will now be linked with your facebook account, and your tweets will show up as your facebook status update each time you post them. All Tweets (except @replies and direct messages) will be forwarded to Facebook. If you tweet a lot, and do not want everyone to see all your tweets, there is an alternative option,’Select Twitter app’ which allows you to post specific tweets to Facebook using the hash tag #fb. The Po!nt Facebook, Twitter has be.e part of the digital age. You can call itself awareness also, but it helps you to maintain your online image and remain connected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: