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[solid] single Bayern Real Madrid three Juventus Wendan – Sohu 1, sports do not believe in God’s message on behalf of the formation of the group chat or initiated together to buy, to avoid economic losses. The 2 day, the last update time is 23:00, that we should not be too late. Today, experts recommend as follows, please carefully reference: Wednesday 031 German Cup Qiuwen scheme Bayern Munich VS Augsburg Shengsheng half the audience @1.25 bets: 10 yuan: 12.5 yuan the highest prize winning probability theory: 60.94% Bayern future two faced double match, Ancelotti is bound to the rotation of a substitute, but still luxury lineup. The two teams will meet again in the 4 days after the league, relegation Augsburg will not be fully devoted to the cup. Bo found. On Wednesday 034 Serie A Juventus VS Sampdoria game and a half: 10 yuan – @1.41 betting the highest prize: 14.1 yuan Theory: 54.03% the probability of winning Juve round defeat, slightly influence on the win against Naples at the weekend to take more difficult. Sampdoria started ahead of relegation, have challenged Juventus, inter are strong, especially at the zebra, difficult to be optimistic about prospects. On Wednesday 047 King’s cup Leon Nessa VS Real Madrid game and a half a @1.42 bet: 10 yuan: 14.2 yuan the highest prize winning probability theory: 53.64% Real Madrid do not pay enough attention to the king’s cup, after two away next week, the main state need adjustment, rotation attack your noble chance. The home team is West Third Leader, but compared with the giants, the strength is too wide. Gall Bo League Cup scheme Wednesday 027 West Ham VS Chelsea @4.70, a game and a half Pingfu @2.55 bets: 20 yuan 25.5-47 yuan, the highest prize winning probability theory: 46.01% Chelsea and Liverpool situation is similar to that of the record is very high, and no European divided heart. West Ham is not just soft persimmon knead, also involves the London derby, both sides of the real thing, Conti’s Blues further. On Wednesday 046 League Cup Manchester VS Manchester city 3@3.55, 4@5.40 total score Betting: 20 yuan 35.5-54 yuan the highest prize winning probability theory: it is self-evident importance of the 35.53% Manchester derby, both teams suffered numerous rounds, to fight face Mourinho PK guardiola. The Reds will be more hope to win the game, if the attack does not strive, so broad goals. PS: the above information does not represent the public number and website view, for reference only. More competition analysis information, the bottom menu of the public number, the recommendation of the event, the two-dimensional code according to the two-dimensional code to identify the two-dimensional code, you can pay attention to the "SMG" official". The first choice for professional lottery players is competition 6

【单固】拜仁 尤文 皇马三稳胆-搜狐体育   1、请不要轻信以留言中大神的名义组建的群聊或发起的合买,避免经济损失。   2、每天最后的更新时间为23:00,希望大家不要太晚发单。   今天的专家推荐如下,请您谨慎参考:   求稳   方案   周三031 德国杯   拜仁慕尼黑VS奥格斯堡   半全场   胜胜@1.25   投注:10元   最高奖金:12.5元   理论中奖概率:60.94%   拜仁未来两场面临双赛,安帅此役势必轮换替补,但阵容仍然豪华。两队将在4天后的联赛再次相遇,保级的奥格斯堡对杯赛显然不会全力投入。博主胜。   周三034 意甲   尤文图斯VS桑普多利亚   半全场   胜胜@1.41   投注:10元   最高奖金:14.1元   理论中奖概率:54.03%   尤文上轮失利,对夺冠稍有影响,周末对阵那不勒斯取分更加艰难。桑普提前开始保级,先后挑战尤文、国米两强,尤其是客战斑马,前景很难被看好。   周三047 国王杯   莱昂内萨VS皇家马德里   半全场   负负@1.42   投注:10元   最高奖金:14.2元   理论中奖概率:53.64%   皇马对国王杯不够重视,下周接连两场客场,主力急需调整状态,轮换阵容迎来宝贵出场机会。主队是西丙领头羊,但是与豪门一较高下,实力太悬殊。   博胆   方案   周三027 英联赛杯   西汉姆联VS切尔西   半全场   平负@4.70、负负@2.55   投注:20元   最高奖金:25.5-47元   理论中奖概率:46.01%   切尔西近况与利物浦颇为相似,战绩一路走高,且无欧战分心。西汉姆并非软柿子随便捏,又牵扯到伦敦德比,双方真刀真枪,孔蒂的蓝军能更进一步。   周三046 英联赛杯   曼彻斯特联VS曼彻斯特城   总进球   3@3.55、4@5.40   投注:20元   最高奖金:35.5-54元   理论中奖概率:35.53%   曼市德比的重要性不言而喻,两队都遭遇多轮不胜,为争面子穆帅PK瓜帅。主队曼联会更加希望拿下比赛,如果对攻客队也不落下风,因此进球数博大。   ps:以上信息不代表本公众号和网站观点,仅供参考。   更多赛事分析资讯,公众号底部菜单→赛事推荐   长按二维码→识别图中二维码,即可关注“竞彩官方”。   专业彩民的第一选择   竞彩官方客服平台   每天最热门比赛推荐   最独家的比赛资讯   资深彩民聚集地   竞彩官方   微信号:zhongguojingcaiwang   网址:   官方客服:400-869-5086相关的主题文章: