Staying Pretty And Healthy This Christmas-clonecd

Beauty The weather and the food are two of the challenges that you as a woman are going to encounter this winter. Your skin would have to adjust with the temperature and your body with the food thats going to be served not just on Christmas eve but perhaps the rest of the holidays. Follow these simple beauty guidelines so that regardless what season is, youre sure to stay pretty and fit at the same time. Your skin is definitely going to undergo some changes along with the change of the wheather so be careful not to leave it dry. Apply moisturizer twice a day, once in morning right after you take a bath and once in the evening just before you go to sleep. This will keep your skin moist especially if its naturally dry most of the time. When it .es to applying makeup, the most important thing to remember is moderation. Since its Christmas, it would be nice idea to match the color of your makeup with that of the season. Put on some red lipstick that would match your colored eyelashes and frosted eye makeup. This works perfectly if you have a pale skin tone. Finish your look with a bronzer. Due to the cold season, bronzers may not be as effective .pared to when used in dry months. However, if you know how the right technique in applying makup, it wouldnt be a factor at all. To help you with the color choice, go for copper if you are dark-skinned and honey if youre fair. Again, the rule is to apply in moderate amounts. Watching your weight can also be challenging especially since youre probably gonna invited into a lot of parties and be face with a lot of tasty temptations. To avoid overeating at parties, be prepared ahead of time by partially filling your stomach with healthy snacks before you leave the house. The feeling of being full will help you control your cravings. Nothing can stop you from staying pretty and healthy this season other than yourself. Provided that you follow these beauty tips consistently, youll maintain a beautiful countenance all year round. Stay fit and beautiful and enjoy the holidays! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: