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Arts-and-Entertainment In my view, there has never been a writer as creative or extraordinary like Stephen King. He was able to mesmerize his readers with his work and sometimes you just get hooked reading his books for hours. Just like many of you, I am also one of his die-hard fans. Be it Roland of The Dark Tower, Paul and John Coffey of the Green Mile, Andy and Charlene of Firestarter, King made the readers feel that these characters are real and virtually a part of our lives. His writing style is so unique that he even conveys the minutest details of the characters and also the psychological and the mental characteristics of them. King has won a lot of awards and most of his books have also been made into movies and feature films. Stephen King always felt that human beings are .plex characters and it is quite difficult to analyze and interpret them. His unique style of writing and presentation of characters have not only won him many fans, but also some critics that have otherwise criticized his writing style as very vague and many of his novels had inconceivable endings. What makes Stephen King a prolific writer of suspense and mystery is that most of his novels can be perceived by .mon people and shows us that human beings have certain mysterious and special skills hidden, when found can be dangerous most of the times. Among the books that I have read, I was quite hooked on to the book Bag of Bones, which was published in 1998. Here is the basic plot of this book. The book tells the story of Mike Noonan, a writer who receives a terrible blow to his writing skills after the death of his wife. Even after four years of her death, he struggles to .e up with an idea for a novel. One night he gets freaked out by a nightmare in his dream about certain events that take place in his summer house at a town in Maine. This recurring nightmare disturbs him every day and he ultimately decides to go to town. Reaching his house in Maine, he gets into a horrific experience of having a lot of paranormal activity in and around the house. The phone rings suddenly, the table and chairs move, and he hears a woman singing the song, Motherless Child. Mike, as terrified as one would be, decides to find out the reason for all this activity, and decides to go around the town and do a little investigation. While going around the town, he .es to know more about the house where there once lived a woman named Sara Tidwell, a singer along with her son about 70 years ago and they were mysteriously killed. He also .es to know that one year before their death his wife had .e to this house and spent some time in this town. During his investigation, he starts friends with a young widow named Mattie and her daughter Kyra. He slowly gets involved in the custody battle between Mattie and her father-in-law Max. He helps Mattie by hiring a lawyer and fights the case for her. The case .es in the favor of Mattie and she gets the custody of the child. While staying in the house, Mike is able to over.e his block for writing and somehow feels that the ghost of his wife is instigating him to find out the mystery of the death of the singer Sara Tidwell. Mike again goes for investigating and the towns locals refrain from his digging into the past matters and such mysterious cases. The rest of the novel portrays how Mikes wife helps him to solve the mystery surrounding the death of the singer Sara Tidwell and what connection does the name K have on the number of infant deaths that have happened and why the ghost of Sara Tidwell wants to kill Kyra. If you want to experience the whole novel, you could go to a nearby bookstore and buy the book or just watch the mini-series telecast of the novel on A&E .work. I have already started watching the first series on my Dish TV and am eagerly waiting for the second series. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: