Still in black and white ash The fashion circle has been Blue River! pr011.msi

Still in black and white ash? The fashion circle has been "Blue River"! Into the autumn and winter, clinging to the selection of popular style of you, is not to ignore the color is the key to highlight the fashion taste. If you have persistent stick with black and white ash, camel, Naba sister can only say you OUT! Look at the fashion circle, T show, has been full of elegant color — "Riverside Blue" blue riverside submerged! Pantone autumn and winter fashion color Top1 elegant full of "riverside blue" Pantone in the global authority color research agency released the 2016 autumn and winter fashion color, "Riverside Blue" blue riverside is ranked in the popular list. 17-4028 TCX Pantone is the official release of the "riverside blue". As this year’s winter popular color Top1, this is not too much publicity, and seems to be flowing into the hearts of the people, full of elegant color, let a person see the first thing that you love them go. 2017 spring fashion color Top10 but it will be said that the popularity of color to go faster, probably next season is no longer In! But look at the 2017 spring release popular colors, blue and riverside three blue is very similar to the strong bully list! Christian Dior 2016 winter series and all major brands of autumn and winter show, seems to be the "riverside blue tide flooded! Dior winter series of the "riverside blue wool coat, simple design but not exquisite details. X slim highlight elegant feminine, and cuffs arbitrarily tied with a bow, a fun and conservative break the heart of girl. Lacoste 2016 winter series Lacoste long coat and sporty suits, is to let the elegant blue through riverside. Velvet suit and suede jacket Trussardi 2016 winter series Trussardi, riverside will show more deep blue, with a retro feeling. All-Riverside blue riverside flows through, win! Alexa Chung and the riverside grass blue coat, choose a color close to the blue jeans collocation, a bit more street and vigor, approximate color collocation, make other more sense, let the elegant blue riverside through your body. Riverside blue + black, elegant adds a sexy Olivia foil Palermo riverside blue coat in black leggings, more elegant and charming. At the same time with black boots, can stretch the leg line. The blue coat collocation in Riverside high waisted wide leg pants, more professional temperament. Not old fashioned and not exaggerated riverside blue, for you on formal occasions, being aware of the connotation of fashion. Riverside blue and black and white stripes, but also with the wonderful. Is black and white with more elegant, more rich connotation than the gorgeous color, perhaps this is the riverside blue fashion circle charm can drown. Flash Maggie Marilyn denim jacket leather trim applique flower jacquard Miu Miu single shoulder bag Vintage waist jeans FRAME topaz, Onyx, Rose Gold Plated ear clip Aamaya~相关的主题文章: