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Small Business Many people who wish to visit London are unaware of the options that are open to them in terms of ac.modation. The obvious choices, such as hotels and B&Bs can be very expensive especially if you want somewhere of reasonable quality that serves breakfast. Even if your stay in London is only for a few days, it can be.e very expensive very quickly especially when you take in to account travelling expenses, food and drink, and sightseeing. There is, however, a better and cheaper option that almost no one is aware of, mainly due to the fact that this option exists only during the student holidays. During this period, it is possible to stay in student residences in London and save money that can be spent more wisely on enjoying everything that the capital has to offer. Basically whenever university students take their holidays, their ac.modation can be let to international students, interns and trainees. This is perfect for individuals who have to train in and around London but have to do so on a tight budget. Its worth noting that student residences in London will be ideally located to numerous transport links and close to everything that the capital has to offer. Theyll also be near to plenty of cafes, restaurants, public houses and bars. The London student ac.modation will have excellent facilities, such as shared kitchens, TV rooms, laundry rooms, libraries and gymnasiums. The buildings youll be staying in will also be clean, modern, and well maintained. Think of the cost of an average hotel or B&B in London and the facilities that will be available to you. It may seem strange staying in student residences in London, but you can take confidence in the fact that many people have been doing it for many years. You will also have access to the students cafeteria allowing easy access to high quality food. To put this in to context, you will have to pay approximately 600/week to stay in a London hotel or B&B that serves breakfast and has free Wi-Fi in the bedrooms. You will always find a good mix of rooms within London student residences, which means you can use this facility if youre a single or group booking. Some rooms even .e with en-suite facilities. International students and trainees have been using this option for many years because they know they can stay in high quality, well priced ac.modation that is ideally located in London. Youll also find that the longer your booking and the earlier its placed the more money you will save. Its also better to book in advance to stop any disappointment. If you are planning on booking London student ac.modation, youll find that most universities will only accept international students, interns and trainees who are either studying in London or visiting as a tourist. More and more people are realizing that using hotels and B&Bs in London while on a budget is a nonstarter. You can enjoy excellent facilities in university digs, so it makes absolute sense to use this option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: