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The technology does not affect the art of Ang Lee or Ang Lee – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) Ang Lee film "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" is currently in the country billions of dollars at the box office. Compared with the box office, the technical challenges of 120 frames is a hot topic, the "new wave" forum Billy? Lynn’s midfield war "art contest" held the day before yesterday. Columnist Xu Yuan believes that this is Ang Lee’s "amazing failure", writer Shi Hang believes that Ang Lee’s film is liberation faction, is the extreme intense, in order to promote technology, but can not become ruler of liberation. "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" appeared in the grand tickets pre-sale period, the demand is almost at 3D, 4K, 120 frame high specifications. Then 120 frames are representative of the movie in the future, Xu Yuan believes that the high frame rate and frame rate is not to replace the existing relationship and be replaced, but may become the two schools, "and" Afanda "from the so-called revolutionary 3D since this technology has not become overwhelming". Critics also believe that the 3D did not eliminate 2D, color has not eliminated the black and white, the film did not eliminate the drama, oil painting has not eliminated ink." RealD Asia Pacific Marketing Director Yu Shenglun believes that the technology of course is in progress, the amount of information 4K 2K more than four times, 120 frames of 24 frames five times more, we are always in pursuit of better, but people need to use. Have the foresight of the director to lead the trend, but also involves the film language and aesthetics, and the audience can accept. Technology companies, of course, want to move forward, as science continues to pursue the most real." And whether the technology will affect the arts, several have said no. Match man said: "in the beginning, I will see the film self suggestion, we must pay attention to the picture, but later I not it is a high frame rate, the attention will be past." Shi Hang also felt the same way: "will soon be concerned about the return of the story itself, for me, the technical means to ensure that I am only the degree of tension, but the last is the characters and stories, Ang Lee or Ang Lee." General manager of Information Technology Department Wang Qi think Wanda cinema doesn’t need to send art and technology apart, "the film is a combination of art and technology, it seems to me that the technology is a means for artists, more and more technology will give artists provide more means and tools, can let him choose this technology to show your inner things, the things he wanted to express to express, this is the most critical."相关的主题文章: