Tens of millions of Rolls-Royce vehicles suspected of false false card also suspected of smuggling crycry

Tens of millions of Rolls-Royce vehicles suspected of false false card also suspected of smuggling police seized suspected of using false false card, "the million Rolls-Royce morning news yesterday morning 10 am, Shanghai traffic police detachment maneuver through preliminary investigation locked in Pudong Jinzun Road, Huaxiu Road, seized a suspected deck Shanghai A the plate of the white Rolls-Royce phantom and drivers. Reporters on the scene saw this car hanging inside the windscreen frame number Shanghai A60D62 license plate white Routh Routh before the phantom (VIN code) to "8819" at the end of the scene, but the police through the detector reads the vehicle driving computer information found, display of the original vehicle frame number (VIN code) to "8627" at the end. Then the police opened the hood of the vehicle, found the car engine frame number has obvious grinding marks, and match the number on the front windshield, then finds the vehicle suspected of "illegal acts of false deck. The face of the inquiry, the driver Dongmou claiming that this car is the boss let him open, he is just a driver, also opened two cars, every time the boss to 200-300 yuan ranging from compensation, he did not know the source of the specific vehicle. Motorized detachment police Wang Wei told reporters, after the back of the system query, there is a hanging brand Shanghai A60D62 white Routh phantom car, but this car is not in the real car in Shanghai. In addition, the license plate handwriting seized deck suspension Rolls-Royce car was faded. According to the verification of the situation, the vehicle suspected of using forged driving license and vehicle license plate, the vehicle may also suspected of smuggling." Wang Wei told reporters, this car license plate, the use of forged fake Rolls-Royce vehicle license, equivalent to no brand on the road, once after a traffic accident, the police investigation and identification will bring difficulties, but also harm the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Currently, the Rolls-Royce and the driver Dong Moujun handed over to Pudong police, further processing. The driver Dongmou illegal behavior suspected of using forged and fake license plate of motor vehicle driving license, will face a fine of 5000 yuan, recorded 12 points and impose the penalty of detention for 15 days. Meanwhile, the traffic police department will also carry out further verification of the source of the vehicle, etc.. The car has become the "deck" heavy disaster area according to the Xinmin Evening News reported that since March this year, the traffic police corps has seized from the vehicle "deck" continuous case. March 14th Lexus car team of law enforcement police seized a suspension of Shanghai AGXXXX license plate "deck" Lexus cars in Hongkou District East Yuhang Road, Shangqiu Road, the original plate for Shanghai C2YXXX. In March 17th the black BMW car in Shanghai City Traffic Police Corps Tactical law enforcement team of police in the three Pudong New Area road Pu Linyi Road near cundian stationed a Shanghai NQ5XXX license plate hanging black BMW car came, was stopped by police. Through on-site inspection and vehicle identification number and vehicle license plate information inquiry found that the actual information of the BMW car is totally inconsistent. Driver Zhou admitted that the license is to apply a Porsche suv. October 17.相关的主题文章: