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Tesla Model 3 pre-sale 18 universal buy what function? – Sohu science and technology talked about Tesla, black Jun had to selfish: This is black Jun favorite, at this stage the most scientific and technological sense of a car! In front of the black Prince Hao price, carefully read a lot of cool video to Tesla, Model X also shed a lot of slobber, until finally this cheap Tesla, 3.5 million, a spell in this life or afford Tesla yo ~ and so on, a million RMB soared to luxury Tesla, can do high cost reduced to 18 million? Let’s take a look at all the news about Model 3, and it’s not worth it. In October last year, Tesla boss musk in twitter document, claiming that Model 3 is at the Chinese and set up factories in Europe, and Model 3 will also have a "Crossover" version of the Model Y (small SUV). Model 3 does not use aluminum body, so the body size will shrink by 20% to offset the impact of weight gain on the endurance. Model 3 expects mileage of about 320 kilometers. Most of the designs are new. "New battery architecture, new engine technology, new car structure."." Cancel — Super pull boom but not practical Eagle wing door, cut 3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph to start, the autopilot may cut off. 2015 year, Tesla company net loss of 8.89 billion dollars, yet Mask said 2016 Tesla’s sales will be increased significantly and achieve profitability. Instead of relying on the old models, the big profit is to push the new Model 3. The official production of Model 3 is due to wait until the end of 2017, and the average consumer will buy it smoothly until 2020. (3 no model figure brain supplement) Model 3 is expected in March 31st pre-sale starts at $35 thousand (about 229 thousand yuan), it is the location of Mask "to challenge the traditional fuel vehicles, luxury brand" competitor for the BMW 3 series, Mercedes Benz C and Jaguar XE models. Each opponent said, "ha ha.". Why is it no threat to pull Tesla in front of BMW 3? First of all, the domestic social environment is not friendly to electric vehicles. Unlike the United States, although the annual salary of the middle class in the United States is not reduced, it is true that the family housing conditions are not comparable. A house with a garage and lawn with an independent courtyard, the ordinary class dream to think about it. This brings a serious problem, charging. At home? Ordinary community want to install a charging pile to ensure that you and property torn acid cool, not to mention a lot of people even fixed parking spaces are not; go to the charging station? Compared to a few minutes of filling up, it’s embarrassing to stay for one or two hours. This brings second problems, Model 3 positioning embarrassment. Take Model S, the mega car is a good toy for the rich class, cool fried appearance, high performance, sense of future technology, various.

特斯拉Model 3预售 18万能买什么功能?-搜狐科技      说起特斯拉,黑君不得不私心一下:这是黑君最喜欢的、现阶段最有科技感的一辆车了!在壕价格面前,黑君认真看过特斯拉不少炫酷视频,对着Model X也流了不少口水,终于等到了这款廉价特斯拉,3.5万美元,一款拼一拼这辈子还是买得起的特斯拉哟~   等等,一款能飙到百万人民币的豪华特斯拉,能做到高性价比缩到18万?我们先来看看关于Model 3的各路消息,再说值不值吧。   去年10月,特斯拉boss马斯克在twitter发文,声称Model 3即将在中国和欧洲设立工厂,并且Model 3还将有“Crossover”版本Model Y(类似小型SUV)。   Model 3不采用铝制车身,所以车身尺寸将缩水20%来抵消因重量增加而对续航的影响。Model 3预计续航里程在320公里左右。   多数设计都是新的。“新的电池架构,新的发动机技术,全新汽车结构。”   取消――超拉轰但不实用的鹰翼门,砍掉3秒从0到60迈的推背起步,可能砍掉自动驾驶仪。   2015年全年,特斯拉公司净亏损为8.89亿美元,然而马斯克还是表示,2016年特斯拉的销量会有大幅提升并且实现盈利。大幅盈利说的不是靠旧车型,而是要大力推新款Model 3。   Model 3的正式生产出厂要等到2017年底,普通消费者顺利购买大概要到2020年。   (3还没有车型图 请脑补)   3月31日预售的Model 3预计起价为3.5万美元(约合22.9万元人民币),马斯克对它的定位是“挑战传统燃油车豪华品牌”,竞争对手为宝马3系、奔驰C级以及捷豹XE等车型。――各对手表示呵呵。   为什么说把特斯拉拽到宝马3面前也没什么威胁?   首先,就是国内社会环境对电动车的不友好。   和美国不同,尽管美国中产阶级的年薪折算下来也并没有多少,但家庭房屋条件确实咱比不了的。一栋带车库带草坪带独立院落的房子,普通阶层梦里想想就好。这就带来一个严重问题,充电。在家充?普通小区想装个充电桩保证让你和物业撕个酸爽,更别提不少人连固定车位都没有;去充电站?和几分钟加满油相比,呆上一两小时着实有些尴尬。   这就带来第二个问题,Model 3的定位尴尬。      先拿Model S来说,这款百万级的车对富豪阶层来说是个好玩具,酷炸的外观,高性能,未来科技感,各种尖端驾驶技术都是卖点。而Model 3恰恰是一个平民化的产品,对于富人来说它太普通,但对于中产来说,作为家庭第一辆车又不实用。而Model 3直接入华的话,算上各种税费大概要卖到30W人民币以上,中产也是要慎重考虑。   从目前销量来看, 特斯拉全球销量还没赶上宝马在华半年的水平,但也许,国内新兴中产阶级“少花钱,享受更高逼格”的心态,能帮特斯拉实现中国梦呢~相关的主题文章: