The 60 anniversary of the popin Q Toei animation conference in advance

The 60 anniversary of the "Popin Q" Toei animation conference in advance according to a recent official Toei animation film, a "original animation produced to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the Popin Q" Toei animation conference released by 2017 before January 2016 to early December, Toei side said: the cinema of the great work and look forward to the response, even so the expansion of the film size. "Popin Q" tells the story of the day before the graduation ceremony, 5 junior high school girls in reality with different troubles. However, as a result, they entered the fantasy world · GIRL MEETS GIRL. The world has a major crisis, and the way to save the world, is 5 people together, with the dance of the heart as one. But because 5 people do not like themselves, do not like the world, so they can not communicate openly, their hearts and dance can not be coordinated. The destruction of the world is getting closer and closer, so can 5 people save the world? Can they graduate? Although the official said it will be open in 2017, but the date of this release ahead of December 23rd. Perhaps in order to catch the first film of the first month, as the main winter vacation work, the size of its release has also been extended to the national theater. The reason for the expansion of the scale is that the response of the national cinema is much higher than expected". In addition, the official YouTube channel, causing a special image of the topic during the C90 is also open, video content can help the audience to understand the background of the 5 girls and the world view.相关的主题文章: