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The art market: market value fell by half, the overseas market bucked the trend source: artnet News artnet and Chinese Auction Industry Association (CAA) jointly issued fourth copies of "China art auction World Statistics Yearbook", in which the depth of analysis of the 2015 Chinese art auction market in the global performance. In 2013, Christie’s Shanghai first auction site. Photograph: Courtesy of PETER PARKS AFP Getty Images, according to the report, in 2015, Chinese art auction market continues to decline in 2014, the total turnover in 2014 year-on-year contraction of 19%, down to $4 billion 480 million (29 billion 130 million yuan), below the 2012 lows. With the mainland market in overseas China art auction total turnover in 2015 to a record high, reaching $2 billion 640 million (17 billion 180 million yuan), more than half of the turnover of China in mainland china. As the industry has been trusted by the two agencies, artnet and China’s auction industry associations to cooperate again, depth analysis of Chinese cultural relics in 2015 the performance of the global auction market. The data reported in the overseas, in part by the artnet collected from all over the world auction enterprises, each auction through the collation and classification of major editing; China, while the shoot Association of national art auction have qualified enterprises statistics and turn. The data completeness and accuracy is unique in similar reports. The mainland market is less than 2011 of the peak period of half, overseas antiques auction is thriving in Ireland Dublin research and consulting firm Arts Economics founder Claire · Mike Andrew (Clare McAndrew) said: "the conclusions of the report shows two distinct Chinese art market development trend. The Chinese art market has witnessed a decline in the market since 2012. After 2 years of decline, compared with the peak in 2011, the current market value is less than half that year. In contrast, the overseas market is still one of the world’s best performing art market. "The report shows that in 2015, under the China mainland market fell 19%, 1% decline in the overall overseas art market environment, overseas Chinese art auction is thriving, the total turnover year-on-year growth of 14%. Dr. Mike Andrew pointed out that 14% of the overseas China art and antiques market growth has a special meaning, "especially when the set of data on the overall global market shrank by 7% and post-war and contemporary art, the international market downturn environment, performance China art and antiques market is more outstanding. "Photo source: artnet, according to the report, by the impact of the Chinese mainland market contraction, Chinese cultural relics auction in the global market, the total turnover fell further, compared with the previous year"相关的主题文章: