The couple cooperates the taxi theft video

The couple cooperates the taxi theft suspect Wang spoils video. Police for the map "husband and wife concentric, the benefits of breaking gold", which is said that the couple as long as the heart to think, to make a place, there is no insurmountable difficulties in life. However, a couple of Dazu, will be well used in the crooked places: in order to build up the family fortunes, two couples thought of theft, a lock, a start, less than a year on revenue of 7 yuan. The router also steal their taxi is more than 9 Video spoils the morning of September 7th this year, who lives in Dazu District Tong Xiang North East Street of a residential building by Mr. Li have a home to go to work, shut the doors and windows. At 8 in the evening, Mr. Li returned home and found that the home wireless network could not be used, and then went to see the router in the guest room, but found that the router was missing. Mr. Li immediately realized that his home might be stolen. After careful inventory, there are more than 1500 yuan missing in two backpacks. Subsequently, Mr. Li police station to Dazu District North Gate police station. After the incident, the police carried out a series of combing and combing according to the results of the scene investigation, and found that several burglaries occurred in the recent jurisdiction were the same group. The police followed the transfer of the incident surrounding the site of video surveillance, and part of the taxi car monitor, and ultimately get to the process of suspects in the taxi spoils. The husband and wife husband wife to start playing with theft suspect human physical characteristics in the video, the police carried out a large number of visits to the investigation work, eventually locked the suspect Liu and wang. Liu, 37 years old, Wang 38 years old, two people are husband and wife, with the south bank area. After months of waiting for the police Liu, Wang residence. On September 12th, police arrested Wang in a residential area of Guihua Village, Nan’an District, and arrested Liu in the vicinity of Wanda Plaza in Nan’an District in October 26th. "We don’t have regular jobs, and we borrow a lot of money, and it’s hard to live." Liu, Wang explained to the police, in order to get rich, "rich", two people after the preparation for theft. Husband Liu bought the unlock tool from the Internet, when the implementation of the theft, his wife Wang gave him a hand start. Two people from November 2015 to September 2016, in Dazu District, Hechuan District, Nan’an District, for more than a decade since the crime of theft of property, more than 7 yuan. At present, Liu and Wang have been detained in accordance with the law on suspicion of theft, and the case is under further investigation. Police remind the replacement as soon as possible C more secure lock according to the suspects confessed, and found the police investigation, the implementation of technology unlock burglary is usually 2 to 3 theft gang crime time, selected in the working days, the target of crime for the property management is lax, no security on duty, the use of ordinary anti-theft door, a font the lock core of the household. Before the crime, a lookout, another person by listening to the sound or determine the home if someone is knocking at the door. When committing a crime, the gang members keep in touch with each other and immediately terminate the case and immediately flee the scene. For technical unlocking theft, police reminded to do the following to reduce the risk of theft: 1. class A, B class lock security is relatively weak, C class also

夫妻齐心协力合作盗窃 出租车上分赃被录像 犯罪嫌疑人王某。警方供图   “夫妻同心,其利断金”,这话说的是两口子只要心往一处想,劲往一处使,生活中没有克服不了的困难。然而,大足的一对夫妻,将好话用在了歪地方:为了发家致富,夫妻二人想到了盗窃,一个开锁,一个打下手,一年不到就“创收”7万余元。   路由器也偷 他们出租车上分赃被录像   今年9月7日早上9点多,家住大足区棠香街道北环东路某居民楼的黎先生一家都出门上班,离家时关好了门窗。晚上8点多,黎先生回到家,发现家里的无线网络不能使用了,便去查看客房里的路由器,却发现路由器不翼而飞。   黎先生顿时意识到家中可能被盗。经仔细清点,两个背包里共计有1500余元失踪。   随后,黎先生向大足区北门派出所报警。案发后,民警根据现场勘查结果进行串并梳理,认定近期辖区发生的多起入室盗窃案系同一伙人所为。民警随后调取案发地点周边视频监控,以及部分出租车车内监控,最终获取到嫌疑人在出租车上分赃的过程。   盗贼为夫妻 丈夫盗窃时妻子要打下手   结合视频中嫌疑人体貌特征,民警开展大量走访排查工作,最终锁定犯罪嫌疑人为刘某和王某。刘某今年37岁,王某38岁,两人是夫妻,同为南岸区人。随后民警对刘某、王某住所进行蹲点守候。   9月12日,民警在南岸区桂花新村某住宅区将王某抓获,10月26日在南岸区万达广场附近将刘某抓获。   “我们没有固定工作,还四处借了不少钱,生活十分困难。”刘某、王某向民警交代,为了发家“致富”,两人商量后准备实施盗窃。丈夫刘某从网上购买了开锁工具,实施盗窃时,妻子王某就给他打打下手。   两人从2015年11月起至2016年9月,在大足区、合川区、南岸区等地连续作案十余起,共盗得财物7万余元。目前,刘某、王某因涉嫌盗窃罪已被依法刑事拘留,该案正在进一步办理中。   警方提醒 尽快更换更安全的C级锁芯   据犯罪嫌疑人交代,以及民警调查发现,实施技术开锁盗窃的通常都是2至3人的盗窃团伙,作案时间一般选择在工作日,作案目标为物业管理松懈、没有保安值守、使用普通防盗门、一字型锁芯的住户。作案前,一人望风,另一人通过听声音或敲门判断家中是否有人。作案时,团伙成员相互保持联系,一旦发现危险情况立即终止,并迅速逃离现场。   针对技术开锁盗窃,民警提醒做好以下几点降低被盗风险:   1.A级、B级锁安全性比较弱,C级锁结构复杂,安全性最高,市民应尽快更换安全级别更高的锁芯。   2。出门时,应养成关好窗户、反锁房门的习惯。同时,及时清理门外的小广告,避免被认为家中无人。   3。有条件的家庭可安装报警器或视频监控,一来能对窃贼分子起到威慑作用,二来也能为警方快速破案提供有价值的线索。   本报记者 钱也相关的主题文章: