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The draft law prohibits large supermarket food waste discarded food [global network reported intern reporter     Zhao Yizhen] according to the Agence France-Presse reported on February 3rd, France local time on February 3rd, the French national assembly and Senate voted unanimously passed a draft law, the draft includes banning large supermarket discarded food and do not sell food to become the some of the provisions should not be eaten. According to the report, the anti waste food law requires food distributors to donate surplus food to charities. The law sets out punitive measures for retailers to destroy edible products, and modifies the manufacturer’s provisions on the liability for substandard food, so as to relieve the manufacturer’s obstruction to the food donated by the dealer’s brand. In addition, the law also proposes to boycott food waste in schools and companies. Senator DeLong Barr F (Arash , Derambarsh), who participated in the vote, launched a petition to stop wasting food, and got thousands of signatures in france. DeLong Barr F said that France was the first country in the world to legislate for waste of food. The anti – waste food law will make 10 million French enough to eat. He also asked Hollande to support the president of the European Commission to follow the move in the European union. Editor in chief: SN226 法通过反浪费食物法草案 禁止大型超市丢弃食物   [环球网报道 实习记者 赵怡蓁]据法新社2月3日报道,法国当地时间2月3日,法国国民议会与参议院一致投票通过了一项法律草案,草案中主要包括旨在禁止大型超市丢弃食物以及致使未出售食物变得不宜食用的一些规定。   报道指出,所通过的反浪费食物法要求食物经销商必须将多余食物捐赠给慈善机构。该法律中规定了零售商破坏可食用产品的惩罚措施,并修改了生产厂 家对不合格食品应付责任的规定,以解除对生产厂家以经销商的品牌捐赠食物的阻碍。此外,该法律还提出要在学校和公司等场所进行抵制浪费食物的行动。   参与此次投票的参议员德朗巴尔希(Arash Derambarsh)曾发起一份《停止浪费食物》的请愿书,在法国获得了成千上万人签名。德朗 巴尔希表示,法国是世界上第一个就浪费食物进行立法的国家。反浪费食物法将会使1000万法国人能够吃饱。他还请求奥朗德支持,以便说服欧盟委员会主席在欧盟境内效法此举。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: